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Are you one of those jerks that hates april fools day?



No, but it's just an April Fools joke, because I'm a total jerk the rest of the year. People think I'm suddenly not a jerk, but the joke's on them!- Indomitus

Good Answer Awardyesh. that sounds so judgemental already. if I were one of those april fools day hates, i bet you're gonna monkey butt me! how insanely unfair and this is injustice. i dont hate april fools day. it just tortures me enough to dislike it.- donut glasses

When I turn out to be the focus of everyone's jokes, yes, yes I am one of those jerks.- the bubble

no- bill

Nope, I pretty much like fools any day of the week.- CincinnatiRuth

no- Insert username here


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