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How do you think humans will come to an end and is it anytime soon?



I have no idea how we'll come to an end, but I'm pretty sure it will involve marmosets, staple guns, empty peanut shells and tapioca pudding.- Indomitus

Good Answer AwardWe humans are gonna die. HOW? suffocation. lack of oxygen. moneyless nation. BLAH BLAH BLAH. i still think humans are gonna die because those damn aliens comes here and BAZAPS us just for fun to get our DNA's. but nobody will believe me.- donut glasses

Depends what you consider soon. No, it won't happen in our life time. Maybe my kids or grandkids...we'll probably kill ourselves. Someone will accidently press the wrong button and we'll all fight until no one is left because of someone's stupid mistake. Just like history.- the bubble

Good Answer AwardI dont really think all humans will ever die off all the way. So therefore, I'd say that only when the sun goes supernova would we have to worry about it in that manner.- bill

Im guessing we're all gonna die in a nuclear crisis that turns every human being into a urine drinking bearcat.. yeah i said bearcat. Then were all gonna wonder around lost in our own words drinking all the bodily fluids from one another until we all get deseased by the whore on the street corner...THE END OF MANDKIND- King Willy

I am sorry...what humans? I just see a bunch of soul-less zombies out there.- CincinnatiRuth

they won't - Insert username here


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