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What if everyone around you suddenly burst into song and performed a well-chereographed dance number - would you join in and be able to fake your way through or do something else?



Good Answer AwardI always carry a kazoo with me for just such an occasion.- Indomitus

is this glee or something? I'd join in though. i mean. It's a dancing musical thing. what better way to wreck it? then to join it without practice.- donut glasses

Of course, I dance, I cheer, I sing, that's right up my alley. Let me just call my psychiatrist and double check if this is a delusional thought or it's actually happening. - the bubble

I'd watch, smiling.- bill

I would take all of my clothes off and rub my testicals all over he left index finger of everyone in the room while taking explosive shits in my hand and feed it back into my dirty mouth. Then I would go bang your sister- King Willy

Good Answer AwardHa ha...when I first read this I thought it said, "suddenly burst into flames"....guess that shows what I was thinking, besides that would certainly lend to a much more exciting dance number and far more colourful.- CincinnatiRuth

Good Answer Awardi would stare in horror - Insert username here

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