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Awards given out by JCP

How was your summer?


Good Answer AwardIt rocked. Then again, I rock so how could my summer NOT rock? There were even forest gnomes invovled and it still rocked, that's just how much I rock. Fuck yea. - Chowdere

Crap.- Ben the Messiah

what summer- iamzbob

Same bullshit as the whole rest of the year, just sweatier.- Buddy

That information has not been made available to me at this time.- Sporkerbelle

Like Spring, Winter and Fall.- fuckboy

Who wants to know?- Keddles

It had it's moments....saw lots of concerts- POPTART

i was stuck in a forign country with a teacher who wanted to kill every one and take over the world, along with a 40 year old Italian who would not quit hitting on me, and another girl who had a crush on me and would not leave me alone for the whole 2 weeks i was there! - Freakn

Good Answer AwardI see your trick, you're trying to make me think that summer is OVER when it has NOT YET BEGUN. But luckily for you I can see the future. Every summer there are floods to the north and fires to the south. I'm pretty sure this year the end of the world meme will come true. All the pollies here are already saying "wtf mate", it's an ominous sign.- Nelson the Bearded Horse


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