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What if the ocean wrote a best selling book titled "All my secrets"?


Dear The Ocean, I LOVE YOU. I like to watch you for HOURS. - Chowdere

Would kick more ass than The Da Vinci Code...- Ben the Messiah

Sounds like it would be opening itself to a crapload of lawsuits and criminal liabilities.- Buddy

Good Answer AwardI would assume the ocean was working undercover and that the book was a device for the dissemination of propaganda. I would support or oppose the ocean in this effort as instructed.- Sporkerbelle

I would buy it and read it.- fuckboy

Good Answer AwardI'd say he never wrote an original thing in it's entire life.....that was my idea.....I can prove it.......the secret is that the ocean is a big fat liar! there I said it.- Keddles

That would be a best seller for sure and it would be on Oprah no doubt ! The Ocean has so many secrets, it's only surpassed by the rest of the universe.- POPTART

. . . what the hell.... i would think it would be a bunch of ink blots from damn octopuse thinking they have something to say but instead its just another psych test. "What does this look like to you?... and how does it make you feel?" - Freakn

Good Answer AwardI would slap it in the face with a cold haddock. It promised me complete confidence. That would never happen though, I know she she's a cruel mistress but she loves me deep down. Millenia of pirate stories can't be wrong.- Nelson the Bearded Horse



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