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What if this questionnaire was really just a way for your government to read your mind?


The chaos that would ensue as each agent went mad from reading my mind, who would in turn infect others with insanity etc, would put an end to humankind as we know it. - Chowdere

No problem, as I'm wearing my tin-foil hat.- Ben the Messiah

so the dont need the chips then?- iamzbob

I'd have trouble imagining what they would they get out of that to make it worth the bother.- Buddy

Good Answer AwardThat information has not been made available to me at this time.- Sporkerbelle

I guess they weren't expecting much.- fuckboy

I thinking of a colour.........see I knew they couldn't read my mind....wait a second did you say red?- Keddles

Good Answer AwardNo fn way....our government workers are far too slow to make sense of any of this. It would take them decades to figure out one questionnaire. They'd have to source it out.- POPTART

i would not be surprised- Freakn

It would probably be a more effective way of getting my voice heard than voting. I'm all for it. - Nelson the Bearded Horse


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