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What if big foot came to your door and demanded you take his photo?


I'd do it, and maybe give him a cut of some of the cash I made by selling it to trash-rags. - Chowdere

Depends... Did he bring a camera?- Ben the Messiah

As long as he didn't expect me to supply the camera or film, it'd be no skin off my nose.- Buddy

Bigfoot is a know asset and I would, of course, comply.- Sporkerbelle

My camera is right next to me.- fuckboy

I charge $50.00 an hour and I take take credit cards or cheques cash grass or pictures for free!- Keddles

Good Answer AwardIF ? pfft....that fucker camped outside my place for weeks. Eventually I coax him in to leaving by making a fake lady Bigfoot and putting it in the neighbors yard.- POPTART

i would capture him, force him into a small cage, have small annoying children poke him with sticks and make money off it untill he died, or i did, if thats the case he would die shortly after of starvation because i would no longer be around to feed or water him.- Freakn

Good Answer AwardI'd take it but hold my thumb over most of the lens. That way bigfoot would still be happy, and I've got a photo that might be of bigfoot but doesn't really convince the skeptics. I sell the photo for thousands but still perpetute the money-making myth. Everybody wins! Except science, but fuck science, it's had it's day let the crazies have theirs!- Nelson the Bearded Horse



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