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What if you were paid to fill out this questionnaire but instead of getting cash,
you got strangely shaped rocks of unknown origin?



Good Answer AwardI would take the rocks, cause, for one, I can't imagine getting paid more than three or four bucks to fill this out. Plus, you never know what those rocks can do. Maybe they're concentrated balls of weed? Set those babies on fire, welcome to Happytown, man. Or they could be alien eggs, or spider eggs, or dinosaur eggs. FUCK, man, they could be ALIEN SPIDER DINOSAUR EGGS. I could have a baby Alien Spider Dinosaur, and he would freaking DEVOUR you, man.- Streak9

I'd give them to my mother in law , and pray she would glow from some strange radiation- outlaw


Coo...- iamzbob

I would advrtise them as the last remaining rocks from the planet Vulcan and make a killing at the next Trekki convention.- Daisy St. Patience

Good Answer AwardI'd do this for free and you can keep your rocks...what is it about rocks with you guys?- buxxy

Can you smoke the rocks???????????????- Dagzilla

Everything is intrinsically valuable.- bastard cabbage

Is it Kryptonite?? If it is, then I don't want it. Anything associated with Superman sucks 'cuz Superman is lame. That's right, I said it. However, if I were paid in Batarangs, then you've got yourself a deal!- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardWhat!? All this work and all I got were these stupid rocks?? What a jip!.. * A strange old man appears from the shadows of a dark alleyway* "Those are no ordinary rocks, boy. Closer examination might reveal some of their many secrets." he says mysteriously. I lower my head to get a closer look. The man comes up close behind me, and whispers softly into my ear, "...those are my kidney stones..." I quickly turn around, but the man has disappeared. The echoes of faint laughter can be heard in the distance, "My peee is in your haaandsss!"-Me

Good Answer AwardI would much prefer the rocks. I have never seen a move/book/show/life in which a large amount of money changed their life and made them learn a lesson about how awesome the world is and stuff. But there are plenty of instances a rock of unknown origins has done it. If I'm lucky, I'll get super powers or discover an alien species that wants to help humanity advance. If I'm unlucky, I'll be devoured by a space beast or be forced to work for the government. Either way it would add a bit of spice to my life.- RabidDustbunny

Good Answer AwardI'd be totally excited! I mean, seriously! who doesnt just love getting rocks? But only if the rocks were real. none of those fake plastic rocks. those things are a load oof bullshit.- bobthemouse09


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