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What would you do if I came to your place dressed as a seagull and started throwing rocks at your door,
only they weren't rocks but were actually frozen cubes of jello?


I would retaliate by throwing frozen cubes of dog shit.- Streak9

I'd catch them in my mouth then throw up on you- outlaw


Tape it. Then run out of my house naked screaming yo ho ho and a bottle of arsnic.- iamzbob

I would find someone who's life had given them pidegons throwing jello molds and have a tupperware party. - Daisy St. Patience

Cubes of Jello? I'd think I was being Punk'd...but if it doesn't hurt anybody and is done in fun...I guess it'd be hilarious.- buxxy

Throw a bottle of vodka at your ass and tell you make some drinks and bring some A-grade PUSSY with you.- Dagzilla

Good Answer AwardI would be quite interested in frozen jello, never having considered that possibility.- bastard cabbage

I'd send you straight on over to Bill Cosby's house. He might appreciate having Jell-O thrown at him. I mean, he did all those commercials I remember watching as a kid. Or maybe he'd prefer "the PUDDIIIIIING" (okay, that bit only sounds funny if you read it in Bill Cosby's voice in your head).- McDiablo

Ohh, I know how to play this game! *runs outside dressed as a detective, hands bound behind back, and tries to catch jello-rocks with face*....*dies painfully*.-Me

Good Answer AwardI would wonder where you'd been all my life. Seriously. Sit your seagull ass down at my kitchen table, let's thaw out those jello cubes and get us some jello shots while I dig out my old Darth Vader costume. We could talk about the meaning of life and what seagulls think about on a day-to-day basis. This is need to know stuff. - RabidDustbunny

Good Answer AwardI would feel scared for you mainly. seagulls are terrotorial and i know how they get when another gull invades their territory. There are many gulls around my house and i feel as though you would be met with strong oppisition from the feathered demons.- bobthemouse09


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