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Would you like to go for a ride in my BRAND NEW HELICOPTER?


HELLZ YEAH.- Streak9

no you freak I'm scared of heights!!!- outlaw


Would u like to go for a ride in my pants?- iamzbob

Does it have candy inside?! Those are the best cars, the ones with candy...and childhood was stolen from me.- Daisy St. Patience

You bet I love helicopters!!! - buxxy

Fuck Yeah! lets do this shit homey!!!!!!!!!!!!1- Dagzilla

No.- bastard cabbage

It depends: Does it have a mini gun? If yes, then MAYBE.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardHey, that's not a helicopter, it's just an empty cardboard box... and you drew the word "Razor Hawk" on the side.-Me

Good Answer AwardMost definitely. In fact, I know a great game we could play with it. I'll pretend that I'm ZANY! and WACKY! and accidentally took it, but then (because I'm stupid) I almost die because I can't fly. But then it turns out, (are you paying attention? Because this is the funny part) that I'm actually hiding in the attic. Wow, wasn't that fun? But it's cool- I only did it for the show. - RabidDustbunny

I would, as a matter of fact! Since I'm so innocent and trusting, I'll even drink that oddly fizzy glass of water you are offering me. - bobthemouse09


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