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When viewer discretion is advised, do you ever re-consider what you're about to watch?


Good Answer AwardSexual content? All right, been awhile since I whacked that weasel. Drug use? I've taken a few tokes - if I want to relive that acid trip on a small screen, I will. Violence? Hell, yeah, time for some RAEG killing and EXPLOSIONS. Language? Fuck. Fuck. Shit. MOTHERFUCKING SODDING HELL. I threw in a British swear, there; clearly, I'm down. But if I ever see the words "SHIT HITS THE FAN" on a Viewer Discretion warning, I'm going to switch off the TV, smash it with a hammer, and assume the fetal position.- Streak9

NEVER!!!!! I love porn!!- outlaw


R u saying there are shows that aren't viewer discretion. I AM VIEWER DISCRETION.- iamzbob

No...but sometimes I do consider inviting the small child next door over to watch with me.- Daisy St. Patience

Good Answer AwardNope the more the better...makes me curious and I stay tuned for sure. Indescretion...that's the name of the game baby.- buxxy

Naw the sheep sleepin.- Dagzilla

I thought viewer discretion meant not to tell others about what I had seen.- bastard cabbage

Good Answer AwardI usually tell my mom to leave the room. Clearly, the program does not cater to 50-something adults. Er...did I say 50-something? I meant 20-something. My mom is definitely in her 20's and not her 50's. Or menopausal. Yeahhhh..- McDiablo

Warning! Totally bad ass shit is about to go down, pay close attention to all the boobs are gorey parts.-Me

Most of the time. I consider anything above PG13 to be the work of immoral hedonists, and I try to avoid those types of people. However, when I'm watching porn I tend to ignore it.- RabidDustbunny

Good Answer AwardI didnt used to worry about these warnings. Then i watched some of the shows on mtv, vh1, ect. and realized they warn you for good reason. "Warning: viewer discretion is advised. You are about to see some really stupid shit that we won't even let the terrorists our country holds hostage watch."- bobthemouse09


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