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If I play my guitar, will you sing in my band?



Good Answer Awardok...lets get this's MY band, I call the shots- POPTART

Good Answer AwardNo. You post-industrial, teen-angst rock is sooo 2008.- headcase

Yes! Of course! But only if I get to hhit fans who get too close to my goods. And if i can yodel. If you are ok with both of those, I'm down!

yes even though i am tone deaf.- iamzbob

Depends on how well you can play and if you play country or not. If the answer is yes, you play country then I will happily sing over your grave. =]- Bellerawr.

No.- tak

No.- Horse with no name

I don't know. Is your band so big that it will echo when I sing in it?- bastard cabbage

The question ISSSSSSS...If I said you had a beautiful guitar, would you hold it against me?- shiny

That depends. If I sing in your band, will you play your guitar? Huh? Think about that one.- Hufflebunny

Only if you can play off key to match my singing. otherwise i could play the garbage cans.- iamzbob

Yes as a part of the back up singers.- Jen-Jen

uhhhh i guess - psychopathic princess

Good Answer AwardHeck yes! I am a self-taught bass player and haven't jammed in so long. I am itching for a jam-a-thon! I'm afraid I only know one original song. My friends and I wrote it. The lyrics are simply, "Save the chickens! Kill the children!" with a whole lot of guitar solo-ing in between. I could teach you how to play it and we could jam the night away. - McDiablo


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