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What if mirrors decided to stop reflecting things,
and instead started to emit high-pitched noises that made humans hallucinate?


Good Answer Awardhow could I tell?- POPTART

I'd hopefully hallucinate what my reflection looked like.- headcase

My mirrors all did that for a while! Then I realized it was just the tons of bats i trapped and am keeping in my basement! - bobthemouse09

Sweet.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardI'd break all my mirrors and deal with teh bad luck.- Bellerawr.

I'd shoot you for asking such a stupid question.- tak

Sweet.- Horse with no name

I'd hope to hallucinate a reflection of myself, so I could check my hair despite the fact mirrors have decided to stop reflecting things.- bastard cabbage

I got me a canoe, Huck. And my only chance is to go down river to the Mississippi.- shiny

That would be bad. What about all the fun-houses all over the world? And, the maze of mirrors? What a kick... - Jen-Jen

Good Answer Awardare you on something? two questions: 1. what is it? 2. how much can i get for ten dollars? - psychopathic princess

You mean this HASN'T happened? Am I the only one who sees a purple unicorn instead of my own reflection?................ruh roh.- McDiablo


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