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What if a bunch of people came to your door, jammed you into a muppet costume,
threw you on a tv set and demanded that you announce the 'letter' and 'number' of the day?



That would ROCK- POPTART

I'd use the fact that my identity was hidden to crack on to the sexy news reader in the next studio to test out my lines for the real thing.- headcase

Good Answer AwardWell, I'd start by educating America's kids with knowlege I feel they need to know. G is for germ warfare. B is for blackmail. R is for redrum. I'd fill them in on all the essential information they need to thrive in our world.- bobthemouse09

I guess id anounce the letter and number oh ah ah ah.- iamzbob

I'd ask if I could meet Kermit.- Bellerawr.

I'd announce that the letter of the day is P as in Piss, as in Tak enjoys drinking her goddess' piss.- tak

I'd do it. - Horse with no name

I guess I'd do it depending on the size and ferocity of the so-called "bunch."- bastard cabbage

I guess I'd do it. Who am I to argue with a bunch of people?- shiny

Good Answer AwardI would go along with it, however, when I held up the letter 'a', I would call it the letter 'z', and if I held up the number '3', I would call it the number '9'. I mean, hey, reality TV has already screwed up the younger generation. It's not like me dressed up in a big fuzzy suit is going to make things any worse.- Hufflebunny

Sweet.- iamzbob

That would be my dream job. (I do get paid for this gig?)- Jen-Jen

i would say that the letter for the day is H for hatchet and the number of the day is 17 cuz thats how many juggalos are at your door to axe murder you (:- psychopathic princess

Good Answer AwardI think I would cry happy tears. The Muppets are awesome. There's a video of them on YouTube singing "Bohemian Rhapsody." It really doesn't get any better than that. I would be delighted to join the Muppet fray, but kind of sad as I would then be learning the "tricks of the trade" in the realm of puppetry. I like to think that Kermit the Frog is, well, NOT being controlled by someone off-screen! I think it'd ruin the magic for me a bit.- McDiablo


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