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Some sort of weird dude tells you that you are the LAST star-fighter and need to help save the universe from some idiot who has metal things glued to his head. Do you agree, negotiate a payment first, or tell him to leave you alone?



Good Answer AwardI'd demand to see the star fighter first...then I'd decide what to do....cause f it's some rinky dink star fighter what's the point...really- POPTART

Go for the money. It's great to do noble deeds, but paying the mortgage is a must.- headcase

Well I feel as though I'd demand payment, in socks and mittens. Then I'd go off the weird metal headed moron, and sitback and enjoy my rewards!- bobthemouse09

Negotiate a price take the money remove my mask and show the guy that im the metal head dude.- iamzbob

I negotiate a payment and have him sign a contract saying that after I beat said idiot then I will have ultimate power over the Free Universe.- Bellerawr.

Negotiate a payment first.- tak

Leave me alone!- Horse with no name

I noticed you said "negotiate a payment first." Money is very important to you, isn't it?- bastard cabbage

Good Answer AwardThis question almost made me puke up my liver.- shiny

I would agree under the condition that they provided me with a daily sketch of a wolf, howling at the moon, with a dreamcatcher behind him.- Hufflebunny

i Call my brothers in arms and organize a sock monkey army to smite the dude.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardI will agree, and he will take me to his amazing starship and fly me into SPAAAACE to stop Darth Ironface from BLOWING UP THE SUN. There will be an awesome space battle.. and EXPLOSIONS... and colors! And then I will realize that the guy just dosed me with Ecstasy and I rolled around and screamed "STAR-FIGHTEEER!" while he stole all my personal items and clothes.- Streak9

Well, I would ask a lot of questions and, I would need proof of the idiot with metal things glued to his head was indeed terrorizing the universe. Then I would negotiate only live once. lol - Jen-Jen

i would ask him what he's smoking and then ask how much i gotta pay to get it - psychopathic princess

I would agree only to come face-to-face with the idiot and laugh at his (failed) attempts to look like a terminator. Naturally, I'd only agree to do this if I could do one thing and one thing only: Attach funny magnets to the idiot's head. I have a collection of magnets that depict rude hand gestures. We'll start with those.- McDiablo


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