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When was the last time you dug a hole and was it for the purpose of burying a body?



a body, well body parts....wasnt a very big hole...several holes actually- POPTART

Last week. Sadly no, I was digging up a tree.- headcase

Good Answer AwardThe police informed me that there are supposed to be no more questions about that! I'll tell you the same thing I told them: "I was just trying to play burried treasure and that lady just so happened to fit inside the treasure chest I was planning to bury!"- bobthemouse09

Fifth amendment.- iamzbob

If by body you mean the unrecognizable goo that was once the flesh and lipids of a former associate then... I do not know what you're talking about.- Bellerawr.

Yesterday, and yes... but it wasn't a human body.- tak

Last summer & no.- Horse with no name

Good Answer AwardIt was for the purpose of burying a multitide of bold faced lies.- bastard cabbage

Just prior to the last time I filled ahole after throwing a dead body in it.- shiny

No comment. i plead the fifth.- iamzbob

Oh, about four years ago...and, yes, it was for the purpose of pig. I loved her and, I miss her so much. RIP Gabrielle.- Jen-Jen

last year, and yes it was but not a human body it was the body of my dog hatchet RIP - psychopathic princess

Disposing of the bodies is a job I have left with Miss Roger's Sweater (actually, she volunteered for the position, so I just let her go to town). I am the one who, er, prepares the bodies for burial (which is just another way of saying I ninja in the night...and I'm standing right behind you).- McDiablo

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