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What are your plans for the weekend and do they involve clowns in any way?



So why are clowns creepy and funny? Who the hell decided it should be that way? One way or the other! Creepy OR funny, not both!- jefe

Clowns are scary.Not the fact they eat children.(i've grown up knowing this,so i'm immune) When their make up melts, they look like they came out from land of the dead and all i want is to take the cut and bang bang bang through their fickle heads. Weekends are meant for sleeping and eating pancakes the whole day.Although you'll get constipation, you'll be skipping work on sick leave for monday.- naked mole man

Good Answer AwardMy weekend involves graduation and then I will take my "posse"/"entourage"/"friends" out on a chase via horseback through the woods and fields to hunt down the clowns and we will then demand to know if they had anything to do with our final exams. And then paint them or something. - flying buckskin horses

Good Answer AwardNo, but they do now. =D- God

It involves cheesecake and hwo I'm seriously a badass at making them. If a clown so much as glances at one of them, I'll throw water on their face to make their makeup come off. - oxie~tales

My weekends are for sleep, for some telly and a whole lot of internet. I might come across some clowns. All those stupid advertisements for the circus. Putting clowns on the ad is not beneficial. I'm against it!!WE SHOULD PROTEST!THEIR UGLY.and they dunno how to apply make up.All they ever will be are failed make-up artist with super huge shoes.- red,blue,white

I plan to watch the glorious Torquay United play in the Blue Square Premier League play-off final and, if I'm lucky, cheer loudly when they win. COME ON YOU GULLS! YELLOW ARMY!- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardMy name is funny money the clown. I'm a low profile undercover clown that is involved with big money. So not to blow my cover, I never actually dress as a clown, tell jokes, or do any kind of clown thing. If the others knew I was a clown, that would be it for me. This weekend I'm going to bust a possy of clowns who wont be expecting a thing.- Fredward

I'm setting off to prove that if god was rolling on acid that he would see people since in fact when people are tripping on acid they see "god" but since everyone views god differently I'm sure that someone out there would be on acid and see clown gods. so indeed my weekend will be acid, clown, god... filled. mmm that makes me want a boston creme doughnut.- cash4stogie

Good Answer AwardWeekends are my time to get away from clowns, actually. One in particular happens to sign my paycheck.- PRChick

YES I plan on rounding them up and then spraying them with RoundUp bug spray and then stringing them up with Christmas-in-May lights and dancing around them while jumping through/over a bonfire completely nude. On Saturday night. - flying buckskin horses!

Work, work, work. Im the dancing monkey at my job but someone else will probably be clownin.- iamzbob

my plans this week is to paint my nails black, be an emo kid just to attract the guy i likes' attention. After that i'd paint my nails yellow cause black is unsatisfying.only then to realize that i have to buy new nail polish cause as it turns out,i forgot dropping it down the toilet while painting my nails last time.- lollypop ,lick lick

I'm going to Busselton with the girls, its my 30th birthday present. No, no clowns I hate clowns...- Sally

I plan to lure children playing with paper boats from the sewers. - Bhreagh

Good Answer AwardWhat are you insinuating? I want to get one thing straight here, I'm not a bigot. But I do hate clowns. Oh wait, I am a bigot. Will you be PC and give me a monkey's butt for this one? Let the clowns think they've won, but we know the truth. - nelsonsentme

Nothing in my life involves clowns. NOTHING. Unless I am killing them. Or defending myself from them trying to kill me. That's about it. I usually work on the weekend. In a bookstore. Clowns are scared to death of literature. I'm safe!- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI was just planning to duct tape myself to my washing machine, but now that you've mentioned clowns I can't get them out of my head. They must get out of my head!! Why are they in my head???? Great now I have to go killing clowns again....- Archbishop Shaggy

Currently it is Sunday night, and next weekend is way too far away to plan yet. However, this past weekend did involve clowns. Really. Well, kind of. Okay not really. So I don't have anything good to say for this question. No need to make a big deal out of it. Clowns are stupid anyway and should all be replaced by mimes on fire. It is far more entertaining to watch someone miming their screams of agony as they burn than to get squirted in the face with water by a fake flower or whatever it is that clowns do.- narcoticsunshine


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