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Have you ever been vomited on by someone other than yourself?



Leave your kid alone after a night of trick or treating... you're wearing puke.- jefe

yes. my friend who was eating a burger.I vomited on her and her burger. There went 2 dollars down the drain.- naked mole man

No, if someone ever was even looking like they were going to possibly think about that I'd kick them in the head so their projectile vomit would fly elsewhere, possibly on themselves. - flying buckskin horses

Yes it was almost as ugly as a stoned muslim in august.- God

Yeah, my cat Char, for Chartreuse, always hacks up hairballs now cos she's old and all. I heard her starting to throw up and I tried to take her out and she rewarded me by throwing up all over my shoes. Hot cat hairball vomit... completely unfun.- oxie~tales

um.Well i guess.but then again,i was drunk so i can't recall who it was and what i did after.But yeah.i guess so.(perhaps it's all in my mind and i'm paranoid) - red,blue,white

For the first year of his life, my nephew puked on me every time I held him. Awesome.- Mzebonga

I was vomited on by a drunken sock monkey after getting her drunk in an act of seduction.- Fredward

I've only ever thrown up twice and when I do I make sure I "pray to the porclin god" But no one has thrown up on me yet. And if you were thinking about it don't! Id have to potty train your mouth after I beat the the drunk/sick out of you. I will not put up with nonsense. - cash4stogie

Good Answer AwardOne of my most horrifying experiences was being vomited on by a priest. As I was taking communion. My mouth was open and everything! Please don't make me relive it.- PRChick

No. I draw the line at snot.- iamzbob

no.not really.there somehow always seem to be a drain or a cup or a puke holdable item nearby.Or maybe i'm actually bulimic and choose when to vomit therefore no accidents yet. I said maybe,you'll never find out.- lollypop ,lick lick

No Thank God- Sally

I have a seventh sense (my sixth sense is attuned to how I may get guys -- yeah...) about when people are going to vomit and I take a pre-emptive kick in the stomach and/or ovaries. Something. I actually feel kinda sick.- my name is PEGASUS

Yes-Wait no, was that me? I can't remember.- Bhreagh

Good Answer AwardNo but I've given others the joyous ability to answer this question more interestingly. - nelsonsentme

Good Answer AwardHeck. No. As a professional vomiter, I do find that to be against vomiting etiquette. In lieu of a toilet, barf bag or bucket, one must vomit only on oneself, not on any other. If this rule is broken, the vomit victim has the right to rub the face of the vomiter in their own puke. And give them a wet willy.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardEvery Thursday. I have got to get a new accountant.- Archbishop Shaggy

Actually, I have. Multiple times. It's not as funny as the movies make it seem. Thankfully all the times I've been vomited on it was by little kids and by definition therefore not as gross as if some big fat man spewed his nacho grande plate all down my front, but still. Not funny. And really? Washing the shirts and pants doesn't erase the memories. I can still smell the vomit even after washing and I just have to throw the clothes away because of the memory of the smell. Or maybe my washer is shitty and really isn't getting the smell out. Either way, new clothes is cheaper than a new washer.- narcoticsunshine


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