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What is your favourite game to play (on computer or game system)
and will you send me (JCP) a copy of it so I can play and see how cool it is too?



Games are for losers/nerds/nothing-better-to-do-with-their-lives/lunatics and bongheads. Play maple.It's cute. period.- naked mole man

I happen to like falling sand, on It's addictive and sandy. And flammable and explosive, and educational, all at once. - flying buckskin horses

The kiddie game on "friv" where the anorexic white stickmen have to dodge the thorn things... hehe...- God

Good Answer AwardI like answering these questionnaires each month.- oxie~tales

I don't play games. brain cells die. All you do in any game is pointless cause it won't become reality.Like if you're rich in a game,you're poor in real life. It's always the opposite reaction. Games are for idiots with no life and believes in fantasy. Gay shit.- red,blue,white

The Sims 2. I think JCP has that one. Doesn't she have a whole section on this site dedicated to Killing The Sims? Let me check... Oh, yes, she does.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardMy favorite game is on a website. It's a Q&A game where you have to collect green lizards and avoid monkey butts. Here's a link Fredward

Good Answer AwardI play connect the pixels and occasionally I try to find the little ones who live inside my computer. They watch my every move. It's quite disturbing. So right now I'm devising a plan to ensnare the little creepers. oh no! Now they'll know my plans! I bet this whole questionnaire was to extract information from me so the little ones would know my plans and elude me once again! ahhh! Foiled! - cash4stogie

Will you think less of me if I say Guitar Hero? I try to be a rogue, a non-conformist, really I do. But it's just so damn fun.- PRChick

Lately either Pogo, or Governor of poker. What your email address. I promise not to attach too much porn.- iamzbob

my favourite game!!!I like games where you gather an army and destroy things that block your path from glory. Like, like, uh.heroes of might and magic and some other gay crap. i feel so, arrogant. sue me.- lollypop ,lick lick

I don't play computer games- Sally

Good Answer AwardThe best game ever was that one where you slapped an ever increasing swarm of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and bees. However that games was lost to the deepest levels of the interwebs years ago. RIP- Bhreagh

My favourite game is called CRUST OF THE NINJAS. It involves going into chatrooms and posing as an elderly housewife dressed in a fly costume and enticing little girls posing as policemen into developing deeply disturbing fetishes for everyday objects that to the untrained observer have no affiliation with sex. I'm sorry JCP I cannot send you a copy of it as it exists only in my mind though I will be glad to send you what is left of that mysterious blob after I die. - nelsonsentme

I'm a fan of the Prince of Persia series, including the trilogy on the PS2, as well as the more recent game released on the PS3. Stabby, sword action complete with acrobatic maneuvers. Yup, that's enough to get me addicted. You're welcome to borrow it, but I'm not sure if you have a Playstation console. If not, I am afraid I'm too cheap/poor to shell out the dough for a PS3. I do believe you can buy it for the Wii, though...maybe? I dunno. My Wii knowledge is severely lacking.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI love to play Screaming Death Monkey 12. I will not send you a copy as I have recently entered into a romantic relationship with said game, and am not into the swinger lifestyle.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardMy favorite game is the sims! I love to make families and ruin lives. I've also got some nice adult rated mods that make them atomically correct and removes the nekkid blur and whatnot and let my teens get it on with other sims. I'm thinking of doing a reject Barbie spin off for my next story. White trash sim, Drunk pregnant teen sim, drug addict sim, stripper sim, and washed up trophy wife sim. I'm thinking like big brother style house mates who have to compete challenges for their lives. Or something. Just an idea. I would send you a copy because it truly is an awesome game (especially with the right mods) but I believe you already have one. I'll send you another if you like. Doesn't the saying go that two is always better than one?- narcoticsunshine


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