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What if the police burst into your room and arrested you for 'poor judgment' -
would you know what they were referring to or demand an explanation?



I didn't know you could get arrested for paying to watching the movie, "Johnny Nemonic" on pay per view?!?- jefe

Good Answer AwardI'd ask them what i did i do. but that's just to wile away some time.I've got to think of an alibi,I didn't suspect to be busted so quickly on my theft act at the soap store.(what?Soaps are hygienic,u need it too,so don't judge me!Not to mention that they were a ruby red and a sapphire blue.Like gems!)- naked mole man

Good Answer AwardWhy are all of these things bursting into my room? Anyhow, I'd stand up and shout at them and get all indignant and make them see that I didn't know that sunburns came AFTERWARD like after you got back from the beach and just because I'm half Irish and half Scot and pale as pale and I burn if you look at me crossways ... and I turned out bright pink, doesn't mean I should be arrested. I would then proceed to take out a magnifying glass and burn them -- see how it feels? Not arrestworthy now is it??- flying buckskin horses

Oh that would make sense...- God

Nah, I'd just ask where the rest of my friends, and a good portion of the people I despise are since they're arresting people for poor judgement. Heh.- oxie~tales

I don't have poor judgment unless you're referring that my thought of not having poor judgment is a poor judgment afterall. But i'm not that bad.I think. There's many worse so i think it'd just point them to the direction of my brothers room. now he's judgment is real bad.- red,blue,white

Oh, I'd know. They're more likely to be Texas Rangers than UK police.- Mzebonga

I'm terrible at judging things so would leave quietly. I would ask to speak to my lawyer before appearing at court. Then at court, I would hope that the judge was not a poor judge so that I would not be sent to prison for poor judgement. Due to my lack of judgement, I thought the judge said I was guilty, but that was not what the poor judge meant to say.- Fredward

Good Answer AwardWell assuming the fact that I was resting peacefully I would demand that they must release my possum and retrieve my stolen undies. After my demands were met I would sit them down and play good cop bad cop. (I would play both roles) After an intense line of questioning they would admit that they were aliens and they would go silently back to where they came from and never bother me again or I would force them to be further questioned in "area 51" And referring to my "poor judgment" it might have something to do with the fact that aliens love squirrels and highly disapprove of slowly killing them and planting them and turning the squirrel plants into delectable squirrel cakes. cops. those know nothing alien fiends. - cash4stogie

Good Answer AwardI would need an explanation, because that rap sheet is LONG. Boyfriends (husbands), hairstyles, children's names -- you name it, I've blown the call.- PRChick

I wouldn't be arrested for that. It would be more like artistic homicide.- iamzbob

blah.they must have gotten the wrong house. Cause i didn't do anything bad. Afterall , downloading music off the net and stealing some money from the old fart by the street or even my thought of harassing that really hot guy at starbucks aren't criminal at all. So i'll just point them in the right direction.- lollypop ,lick lick

I'd probably know what they were refering to....- Sally

Damn it I'm sorry I'm wearing white but isn't it technically *always* after Memorial Day? Or whatever the hell that white rule is. I mean, where's the cutoff? I mean, it's still *after* Memorial Day of 2008 just up until Memorial Day 2009, whereupon *it* then becomes *after Memorial Day 2009. - my name is PEGASUS

Fuck that shit! Poor judgment my ass, the guy was already dead, he didn't need his visa any longer.- Bhreagh

I can only imagine that an arresting officer would be inspired to be this witty if I'd urinated on his shoes and tagged it with my name and address.- nelsonsentme

Good Answer AwardI'd tell them that they're wrong--Judgment Day is real and it's going to happen and we'll soon be running from machines that have been made for one purpose and one purpose alone: Killing humans. Yeah, clearly I have seen the latest Terminator movie too many times because I went off on quite the tangent there.- McDiablo

Would this have anything to do with the flaming hamburger in the aquarium? Cause I can explain that.... but if it's about those dead Bank of America CEOs I'll trust the jury to let me off.- Archbishop Shaggy

I think they would be referring to a couple of days ago when I paid for porn. I know, I know, there is plenty of good free stuff out there but the site was so temping! Really, could you pass up a title like Broke Straight Boys? I didn't think so. Unfortunately, the site was not as great as it was made out to be and although I did get a few orgasms out of it I canceled my subscription that same day. Hey officers, it was only a dollar so I really don't think my judgment was THAT poor.- narcoticsunshine


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