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Do you have a favourite or feared number and WHY on earth do they have meaning to you?



7 hell yeah, lucky 7 brought Pittsburgh their 6th SuperBowl title. And 7 is just an awesome number. You know today was square root day, 3/3/09. Only nine of those in a century. - oxie~lite

Good Answer Awardi don't like all numbers. they mess with my brain.I'm not kidding, everytime i pick up a pen to do some maths they start dancing around the pages.as if maths is not screwed up enough. 'they'(the numbers) do various dances especially during the time of algebra. they dance to 'in the ayer' (that really annoying song that has something about jam inside of it) so it gets on my nerves,then i just close the book and burn it in a bonfire. mum thinks that i'm trying to learn the ways of an arsonist. she's right.- frozen capsicums

6 is my favorite number. Cause it's half of 69, and I only need myself.- anthrax_boy

Good Answer Awardi don't really enjoy numbers.but the most feared of all is the number zero. when you stare at it, you can't see anything but a circle.but actually it means nothing.so then you just start thinking you're crazy since it's represents nothing but yet looks like a circle to you . you debate with yourself until you realize that your brain is dying and you haven't eaten or slept in 5 days.then you cower in fear when you realize maths exam is tomorrow and there's gonna be hell a lot of zeros.- random person

Nope- Chi

2 is the most horrible number because it is the number of satan, 1 is the most holy of numbers.- marsaray

My favorite numbers are 3 and 5 Five is my basketball number and 3 is the number of best friends i have- Em

39 fav number from when I played football...I dawned many numbers...had my best games wearing that one...i use it when i play the lottery too...hasnt garnered much luck though- Poptart

pi is kind of cool but it's more the concept of the geometric relationship that excites me, not the numerals themselves, so I see no need to try to memorize them. I fact I could care less if a circles circumference were 3.14159265 times its diameter or if it were 5.823 times its diameter, which it very well could be if space were curved the right way. - I love Me

Good Answer AwardThe number 8. Turn it sideways and you get infiniti. If that's not cool...- Jefe

When I played football (soccer) for a 5-a-side team, I usually went as number 8; the joke being that the first-team would be numbered 1 through 5 and I was, in fact, so shit that I was the third substitute. This was made slightly funnier by the fact that I captained the side - not that anyone listened to me. Other than that, I was always partial to the number 13. I did this on the logical basis that, if Friday 13th was unlucky and I made 13 my "lucky number" the karma would balance itself out and I need not give a flying fuck about it. That probably sums up my life quite adequately: always looking for ways to not give a flying fuck.- Mzebonga

2&22 favorite the essence of the numbers call to me- ghostie

Favourite - 7, because it's SEXY okay.... and feared... ummm..... I don't actually at all... sorry, boring answer...- George

7, for many reasons. Mostly, because it is Ben Roethlisberger's number, and he is so awesome he should rule the world. Also, 7 ate nine. Heh.- buckskin horses!

Good Answer AwardI am terrified of the number of calories in a peanut butter cup, because I can eat 10 in one sitting. I love any number in my checking account above zero, because I like to pay for said peanut butter cups.- PRchick

Good Answer AwardI like the number 10. I had a conversation with a weird guy tonight about numbers. He said he liked the number three "because it can't get knocked down." That, to me, was a weird reason to like a number. I just like the number 10 because...uh, I have no reason. It was the number I demanded on my soccer and softball jerseys. It has absolutely no meaning for me. - McDiablo

The number four-cause.- Reds

i don't fear numbers.- pudds


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