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How is the room you're in decorated and is there anything in it that you'd like to burn because it's so ugly?



the room i am in is a games room(does not function as one)on your left would be the never used before expensive assed exercise machine which dad bought cause he was attempting to be healthy.on the right you can see a glass door with grills which makes it look like some prison cell.and in front of me is a laptop.behind my laptop is a computer which crashed and burned due to my online time going through the roof.i'd like to burn my laptop. it's old, it's ugly and i need a new one.care to donate?- frozen capsicums

Pretty pink butterflies scour the landscape of my room. Painted hills full of flowers and unicorns dot the surreal land. And your mom, in the corner. I'll let you guess what I want to burn. Bitch.- anthrax_boy

Good Answer Awardwell.it's just white.all over.and there's a desk(duh.) to put your computer on.I'd like to burn my toe hair.(is that counted as something?)it's ugly.and it really hurts when you try to pull at it.so maybe burning is a better solution. it might burn my toes but at least i have stories for my grand babies.(if i survive the fire that i started)- random person

Lilac walls - whos idea was that?? I wouldn't burn things though...- Chi

I would like to burn the whole room.- marsaray

It's a playroom full of toys... and not that isee- Em

daaaykoorrraaaiited? c'est quoi ca ?- Poptart

My decorating style is what I like to call "Heaps of stuff lying around the place." I have a few scattered furnishings as well. The uglyiest thing here is me so I don't feel like burning myself right now.- I love Me

It's decorated like a freakin' closet. Nothing in hear worth wasting flames on.- Jefe

Good Answer AwardIt has a fire place that has had the gas fire removed from it. It is ugly and the landlord covered it with a print of what I think it is a carnation. The painting is twice as ugly as the gap where the fire was. I have the painting turned around so I can only see the back of the frame. That's how horrible it is. I would very much like to put the fire back and use it to burn the painting- Mzebonga

no burning necessary i have an awesome poster of the rugrats- ghostie

Good Answer AwardI'm in a converted attic with blue wallpaper with a yellow and blue boarder. The ceiling and remaining walls are wooden pannels, they're okay I guess, we're not planning on doing it up... the carpet is also blue... in fact I'm getting cold.... I would like to burn Katinky's signed Vin Diesel photo - for obvious reasons....- George

Only if it will make me warmer -- it's SPRING and it's COLD... that's like death. Just death.- buckskin horses!

Good Answer AwardMy living room is decorated kids' art, toys and clothing. I don't know about burning, but I wouldn't mind putting a balloon in the microwave to see what happens.- PRchick

This room is empty other than a really modern looking glass desk and a tall lamp in the corner. There are also three pillows on the floor. I'd probably have to burn those because they were in here for purposes of comfort when my sister and her fiancee were watching a movie. I'd probably have to burn them because I bet they got all makey outy on them. Cooties? Nah, the floral pattern doesn't do it for me either.- McDiablo

My man...- Reds

i'd burn the whole thing with me inside it- pudds


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