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Since it is March, do you feel like marching around more?



can't. it's that time of the month where there is fluid gushing out of somewhere which feels very uncomfortable on the inside and each step you take is a really odd and awkward one. Besides, it's super hot over here where i am staying at, i'd shrivel up and die since i'm a frozen capsicum.(that means the end of my life.oh no.)- frozen capsicums

Only if I can march on the backs of the hard working child laborers that made the shoes to allow me to march around more.- anthrax_boy

Good Answer Awardno.not really.isn't marching the thing that you do only when you are forced to?like one of those sci-fi shit where robots control your mind and forces you to take the awkward steps you call 'marching'? so if that was the case then i guess that means that March is the time of the invasion and that we're more likely to be doomed now in this month than the rest of the year.owh wells. i'll march if i had a brain for them to control.- random person

Not really- Chi

I have to march anyway despite what month it is, I am in the army.- marsaray

No.- Em

Good Answer AwardAbsolutely...I've been goose stepping up and down my street for over a week now...my thighs are getting quite the workout- Poptart

Didn't you ask this one last year?- I love Me

left..., left..., left, right, left... can't stop now....- Jefe

No. And, strangely enough, I've never made that association until now... Perhaps it is more a reference to the onward march of Spring. Although, there's not been too much evidence of that either. One would have thought that, rather than an urge to march, the heralding of a new spring would increase the urge to mount unsuspecting young ladies and hump some serious legs... Sadly (or perhaps not so sad), this is also not the case. All I feel is the slow, unavoidable slouch towards my imminent demise. More time passes. Still nothing significant achieved.- Mzebonga

not at all- ghostie

Sure. I live in Germany, I'll fucking Goose step baby!- George

Marching to whoever is responsible for asshole (S)march weather and punching them in the ribs.

Sorry, marching is pretty low on my list of priorities for March. It's trailing breast augmentation, balancing my check book and growing a goatee.- PRchick

Good Answer AwardI march over to the couch and sit down. That's about as far as I go. Speaking of marching, have you seen how the North Korean army marches? It's friggin' intense. They're bobbing up and down so fast and somehow keeping in time. If an army marched up to the front lines like that, I'd drop my gun and say, "Yeah, no. I'm not doing this. Just...no."- McDiablo

Hell no!- Reds

no, not really- pudds


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