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When was the last time you hung up on someone and what stupid/nasty thing did they do to deserve it?


the last time i hung up was on my idiotic boyfriend. he's so super gay that when i was talking he was just nodding off and rolling his eyes.Yes,i know it's a phone how can i see his face and how do i know that he;s being an idiot...but i know that deep down somewhere, i didn't have his attention,thus i shut it off.(maybe i'm just a lil paranoid.but he deals with me with loads of gifts and roses.I rock.)- frozen capsicums

Yesterday. I'm in the midst of phone-stalking this girl, and the police jumped on the line to find out where I was. I got quite agitated that they'd cut in like that, cause you know, I can't get my stalk on with law enforcement.- anthrax_boy

i hung up on my best friend. He didn't deserve it.but i did it anyway cause i enjoy the moment of confusion that he'll face when i off the phone halfway through an intense conversation. It was me who called first anyway. Besides, he called back.(and i did it again.)- random person

A month ago - some guy from a company I asked for an infomation pack from rang me 6 times in one week - I was sweet to him 6 times in a row, then he called me a 7th time and I hung up...- Chi

I hung up on someone when I was really really drunk.- marsaray

Never hung up on some one- Em

Good Answer Awardlied to me and then tried to deny it...fn broads- Poptart

Good Answer AwardEvery time someone calls on the phone. Calling me on the phone is reason enough to hang up on them. I usually swear at them first and then hang up.- I love Me

So look past the obvious sales calls that come when you're eating dinner, crapping, etc....- Jefe

Good Answer AwardThis is a very good question and I believe I only really hang up on automated telemarketer things. I actually hate that I can't bring myself to hang up on real-life people trying to sell me shit I don't want. I'm not really a polite person and most people think the exact opposite of me and yet I try to avoid upsetting people at every turn. It's quite pathetic.- Mzebonga

my mom just because she fails to accept the fact she needs hearing aids- ghostie

Good Answer AwardUrrrrrmmmmm, jesus, that's a sucky one to think up something funny! Consarn you JCP... I think it was PROBABLY Katinky and almost definately because we argued about something dumb, but I Think I probably still lived in england at the time, it's been a long time since I hung up on someone, maybe you should give me a ring so I could hang up on you. You bitch. LOVE YOU! haha- George

Good Answer AwardOkay, first of all, Victoria's Secret doesn't carry the smocked halter top I wanted anymore, after two days, tops, of being on sale, they ran out that quickly. Secondly, there is no chocolate left in my house. Thirdly, the love of my life doesn't even know I love him and I'm about ready to drag him onto Tyra Banks so I can tell him right there if I can get a court order to get him out of his house if that's possible. Fourthly, it's spring and it's cold, so fuck that. Finally, I'm scared to death that some catastrophic event is going to prevent me from graduation in May, whereupon my only course of action will be to kill my dogs. THAT, my friends, is the reason that I abruptly hung up on someone who called, trying to sell me drugs. Heh.- buckskin horses!

I think I hung up on my ex-husband last week when he called to tell me he needed bail money. Seriously, three times is enough.- PRchick

I always hang up on telemarketers before they even have a chance to talk. If I say, "Hello?" and hear 1.5 seconds of silence after, I hang up. I should've hung up on one particular telemarketer a few weeks ago. The conversation went something like this: Telemarketer: "Hello, is Mrs. Weisner there, please?" Me: "No...she passed away in November." T: "Oh! I'm so sorry......is there a Mr. Weisner?" Me: "He's also passed..." T: "Oh...well, are you interested in blah blah blah (proceeds to sell me whatever the hell she was selling anyway)." Me: "(What. The. Fuck.)"- McDiablo

Act dumb- Reds

i honestly don't remember - pudds


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