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What if you woke up one day and found yourself in a Dr Seuss story?



At least I'd probably be warmer.- oxie~lite

that'll be so wicked! i'll be starring in the best story yet(which is still unknown to me although i am the lead actress)moving on, i think that i'd have fun living in a 2D world and inside that damn doctors imagination. i'd run around his head in circles to jumble up his thoughts when making my story and i'd be a bad assed villain!- frozen capsicums

1 Who, 2 Who, Red Who, I'd rape the shit out of Cindy Lou Who.- anthrax_boy

Good Answer AwardDr seuss? that guy who messes with the minds of humans?he got parents thinking he's the most awesome thing in the planet for their children.what a scam. if i found that i was in one of his shitty stories, i'd pack up and try to leave the pages. or my name at least. so i'd bust my name and my being outta that crappy book/story and jump into a marvel comic,where it's all action and not so many flowers.- random person

I FEEL like I'm in a Dr. Seuss story most of the time...- Chi

I would accept my superficial life and move on trying to become some sort of Cat in the Hat tycoon.- marsaray

I'd be happy as hell- Em

Good Answer AwardSweeeeet...sweet like a treat, as if in a field of wheat, in bare feet, the warm summer heat, shining on my teat, like a super model I greet, out on the street, she begs for my meat, I say no it's for the elite, but look how I keep it neat, I moisturize it in peat, I learned that in Crete, from a man sat in a seat, who learned it from the Romans but it's now obsolete, I say it cant be beat, my meat, in the heat, moisturized in peat, learned from the guy in Crete, in my field of wheat, the summer heat, on my teat, I know I know this is all sheet..ahh I mean shite- Poptart

I hope it's Solla Sollew, Ive always had trouble getting there.- I love Me

Green Eggs and Ham. The Foot Book. I Saw It on Mulberry Street. Horton Hears a Who. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What the hell was wrong with that guy? I bet he wasn't really a doctor!- Jefe

Failing to speak on time, with rhyme would be a sublime crime. I could mime a lime for a dime. Umm... Sam I Am?- Mzebonga

i'd live the life- ghostie

Good Answer AwardI'd touch myself - that way they couldn't publish.- George

Refuse all food, like hell am I eating moldy eggs and ham. - buckskin horses!

Oh, the places I would go!- PRchick

Good Answer AwardBreakfast food items would be green, everyone would talk in rhyme, elephants would sit on eggs, and counting fish would become a hell of a lot more fun. However, I'd probably have to find Whoville and punt each and every one of its inhabitants. The way they celebrate X-mas is highly irritating. I really did feel for the Grinch.- McDiablo

What if?- Reds

that would be fun, i always wondered what green eggs and ham tastes like- pudds


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