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There is construction going on outside of my house - but not close enough that I can see it. Each time a loud noise is made, it sounds like aliens have landed - so I go out and check to see if they have. Should I just accept that they are not coming this month and stop looking or keep checking just in case, and should maybe have some coffee ready?


Good Answer AwardOh holy shit they're at your house too? They stalked me when I lived on campus -- don't believe that it's construction; I made that mistake already when they were tearing bricks up outside my window. I knew that the workers were actually aliens because when I walked by them to get to class every day they'd look at me and not blink, causing synapses in my brain to misfire and fail tests. You must beware.- oxie~lite

don't offer them coffee.what if like they take our coffee? it's mine i tell you.i'm selfish. get them the nasty stuff like tea or something.coffee mine.no one get!- frozen capsicums

Good Answer AwardThat's a common ploy taken up by the aliens to steal our coffee. We just land and take-off, mimicing construction work, to make people think we're constructing. Then, while you're investgating the well-placed construction site, we sneak in and steal every last arabica bean. I mean...Yea, keep checking.- anthrax_boy

i think construction is the wrong word. it's not yet the time for aliens to come.it's still robot-control month so i think you're probably insane to think it's aliens. but it could also be(since there's loud noises) those annoying coal mining selfish bastards. those little men in the stories. they've probably found a gold mine nearby your house and aren't telling you.(explains the noises at night)go now and claim what's rightfully yours.- random person

I'd keep checking... you should stop though- Chi

I say keep the coffee pot on, just in case.- marsaray

...?- Em

You're too slow...of course it's aliens..but those little fuckers are quick...next time, put some coffee in a thermos, sit there and wait, you'll see them, I promise- Poptart

Good Answer AwardKeep checking every time you hear that funny noise. You never know when it'll be the aliens. And keep plenty of coffe ready, have a cup yourself now and then to stay alert. Youi don;t want to dose off and lmiss those little green guys, or grey, depending on who shows up. - I love Me

Oh,they are coming.- Jefe

Good Answer AwardIn all honesty, while I admire your optimism (and simultaneously have nothing but scorn for your naivety), you should probably give up. I mean, in review, given the choice of a thousand stars, solar systems and planets, would you come to Earth? No, I didn't think so. They are not coming. Ever.- Mzebonga

always be prepared- ghostie

Listen, your family don't want you back - it's all in your imagination, piss off and get over it damnit! Jeez, you don't hear Operah ever whining about it do you?- George

Good Answer AwardCoffee is a great idea, you must go outside to said construction site, stealthily in the night. Then you must throw/splash as much coffee as you can at them because oh did I mention I think they're invisible. Yeah. Coffee makes them visible. And they probably glow in the dark too. But they're also probably vegetarian so. - buckskin horses!

I'm with you all the way up to the coffee part.- PRchick

Caffeinated aliens? Do you really think that's a good idea? Anyway, a lot of people have been waiting for Judgement Day (not the Terminator 2 kind) and that has yet to happen. But, those people still think that it will happen. So, no, don't start thinking that aliens will never visit you. They're probably as slow as we are in creating a spacecraft that will fly them further than the moon.- McDiablo

Keep lookin they'll come.- Reds

i wish i could do that- pudds


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