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When was the last time you woke up crying?


I don't wake up crying maybe when I've had a nightmare....- sally

Good Answer AwardI dreamt i became a mermaid and it freaked me out that i had a tail and no more legs. I mean , to smell like fish all the time. And i have to exercise just to get to another place. swimming is not my thing. And scales are so not fashionable. Worse part is that i had to have seashells cover my boobies. like what the hell. It's not even like i have big ones. So embarrassing to show my small boobs in seashells.- prune me

never- k

Never, but I did wake up drinking and later started crying about a month ago. It was Admiral Nelson, I believe, spiced rum.- Smiley Jones

Maybe when I was a baby. I was a selfish little bitch.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardThey took him away from me. Led him away in straps and handcuffs. He was going to put his hand in the blender, you see. He said his boss had stolen his blood. She had given it to the next door neighbor. He would use it to steal our baby. The doctors had put something in me, he said, when they cut my baby out of me. For days, he didn't eat. He didn't sleep. He paced. He peered suspiciously out the window. He locked the door. He carried a screwdriver as he paced. We were going to die if we stayed in the house, he said. I cried when they took him away from me.- bluemonkeyfearer

Never?- Bugster

Never- poohole_gasleak

Crying?! What is this CRYING? Blasphemy I tell you! BLASPHEMY!!!-

Hmmm. I guess once when I dreamed of being chased by a horde of mutant onions (I hate onions!), then being forced to eat them. - air_wolf

Good Answer AwardWhen I opened my eyes and saw I was still passed out on my couch, I was up late watching sci-fi movies and I was dreaming that the Apoclypse had come and I was one of the special people chosen to torture the remaining souls on earth, it was such a nice dream I got to force a bunch of skinny bitches to eat ding dongs and hamburgers for the rest of eternity and boil the skin of my boss, such wonderful fantasies, but I mourn the fact that it was just a dream and I still had to get up which really made me cry, I love sleeping!- If I only had a navel....

last week I think - pinky7

Good Answer AwardI do this quite frequently, actually. The last time was the night before last when I woke up from a terrifying nightmare. In it I was minding my own business, bugging my friend when all of the sudden fluffy rabbits began crawling out from underneath my friend's bed and out of her closet. I began screaming and trying to get away but the door had locked. My friend didn't understand why I was so upset and she kept trying to have me pet the rabbits. It was awful. ... I realize most people don't find rabbits terrifying, but I do. I see them plotting against me. Stop laughing at me.- narcoticsunshine

When I dreamed I was cutting onions.- The loser nobody gives a fuck

it will probably be tomorrow after this stupid shit- Zayla

People wake up crying? Man, they must be real pussies.- Xifihas


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