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What are your feelings towards things with wings and their invasion of your home?


I feel happy about them but not when they are flapping about in my home- sally

wings?as in fairies? Then invade all you want. We could kill them all easily with the best invention yet, a fly swatter. but it's a nice shade of green so i'm deciding whether or not i should even use it on them.I might use rolled up newspaper. cause i'm cheap.- prune me

Good Answer AwardI really don't mind it. You'd be surprised! Flying monkeys are very hygienic and they do all my bidding. In fact, they even send in my submission to The Insane Domain. I mean, what? (However, please no Monkey Butt Award! Hufflebunny sees enough Monkey Butts around her house)- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardNow it really depends on what we're talking about doesn't it? If we're talking "insects with wings", and we're presuming they fly and that their wings aren't for decoration, then I feel intense hatred toward them. They buzz around and make a noise much louder than their body size warrents. "OH MY GOD IS THAT A FIGHTER JET IN THE ROOM!?!!" and nah it's just some shitty junebug. And then they land on you and walk stickily all over you with their sticky feet. No, that's not happening in my house. Hell no.- mirror horses

fuck um- k

Might I honey BBQ said wings? If so, such an event would allow me to transfer funds from my wing budget to various bacons.- Smiley Jones

Tasty. I now have something for dinner.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardThere is a vast assortment of things with wings. Insects less than approximately one inch long forfeit their lives upon entering my abode. Any insect larger than that will find themselves starving to death inside a jar for my amusement. Anything else with wings that can be classified as "ordinary" will be unceremoniously removed. In the case of those less common winged things... such as flying fish, pterodactyls, and alien aircraft; they will be joyously welcomed.- bluemonkeyfearer

Wings? Invasion? Wut?- Bugster

flys and bluebottles are disgusting creatures. Birds and bts fortunately do not invade my home- poohole_gasleak

can hear a bug wings flamping in my ear just once every 6 months - crow

Good Answer Award*holds up a flame thrower* Now, you all may think this is a little extreme. But this is COMPLETELY necessary. My home will not be DEFILED by any winged DEMON! Winged things, meet fire. Burn bitches... burn.-

I knew you were the wicked witch of the west! But I got my home insured against flying monkey attacks so there!- If I only had a navel....

Wings or no wings, there better be no damn bugs invading my home. I have ants in my home, and those are assholes to kill, and furthermore they smell like paint when you kill them, which is just unnatural. FLYING -- ie -- WINGED ants are far worse as they have far more mobility. My feeling on this bug/ant/pegasus ant topic is mainly digust and loathing. - bottled dragons

Hate those annoying little basterds - pinky7

Good Answer AwardGOD I am usually a very compassionate person (no, really) but if there is one thing that I have NO problem ANNIHILATING, it is BUGS with WINGS. They are so disgusting. They buzz around and get in your hair and try to fly in your nose or ears. They usually make disgusting noises, too. GOD I can't STAND them. If winged BUGS invaded my home, it would be WWIII here and those fucking bugs would be going DOWN.- narcoticsunshine

I'm OK with them as long as they don't get in the way of the TV or sting my kids.- Zayla

Good Answer AwardIt depends, how big are said things? Are they trying to kill me? Do they have sharp claws and teeth? Give me a danger rating of 1-10 with 1 being about as dangerous as an angry 5 year old, 10 being as dangerous as ultra mecha death christ.- Xifihas


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