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When was the last time you stared up at the stars?
(And no, staring into the sun doesn't count, even though it IS a star.)


Probably ages ago maybe I hould go do it now.......- sally

Good Answer Awardlike a year i go i guess. Here in my country stars are rare. All we can stare at is the stupid neon lights coming from those idiotic clubs. Those clubs aren't even good and they are using the annoying neon lights. Have they ever thought that maybe they suck and the lights will make it suck worse? Idiots. I should run the place.- prune me

I actually went to Hollywood a few weeks ago! I even got to see the red carpet up close! I stared up at a lot of stars.. but that's because I'm a 2 1/2 foot midget.. Great. Now I feel bad. Thanks, JCP.- Hufflebunny

Good Answer AwardI was at a Who concert and I was staring at Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend a while ago. Hell yeah. No but really I was staring at the real ones - the fiery balls of fiery fire - every night. It's a bit freaky when you realize you're staring at something that isn't really there. It makes you question everything you've ever been told - "You have to finish this paper by Friday" .... but then you think "But the stars aren't really there, so how can I even exist to do this paper?" Unfortunately it doesn't really work on professors. - mirror horses

I dont fucking know- k

Not counting the sun, a year. Approximately.- Smiley Jones

Good Answer AwardI don't even look out the window anymore. How can I see the stars? I'm scared some vampire/zombie/werewolf/other-sort-of-monster will kill me.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardI stood in the rain long after midnight. The sky flickered in and out of existence with each flash of lightning. The earth beneath my feet vibrated at every crash of thunder. The full moon and a sprinkle of stars winked in and out from behind the blackened clouds, and all the while I dreamed of the end of the world and wondered if it might come soon.- bluemonkeyfearer

I can't see the stars anyway- Bugster

2 weeks ago- poohole_gasleak

Good Answer AwardEvery night! I know they are watching me... *glares at the sky* They CANNOT fool me! I know... I know.-

Last night...and before that, and before that, and so on. I have stars on my ceiling- seriously, I do!- air_wolf

Good Answer Awardlast night actually as I tried in vain to get in to my house so I just sat down I looked up at the stars cause I got tired off trying to bust in the door and then it came to me as I was admiring our galaxy and fight the urge to vomit, I was at the wrong house, no wonder my neighbors hate me. I wish I could say it was the first time but vodka always fucks with my sense of direction, but it did make those stars spin like I was I was traveling a hundred miles per hour.- If I only had a navel....

Tonight actually, and it was funny because I was looking at them and then I thought about this very question, and I was like "holy shit I haven't answered that question yet, and it's 11:14 on June 30th!" So. Tonight. - bottled dragons

2 weeks ago- pinky7

Good Answer AwardSadly, where I live the stars really aren't visible. The last time I had a chance to really look up at the stars was years ago at church camp. We were snipe hunting and I was in charge of a group of eleven year olds who were scared to be left alone in the dark. So I ditched them and went to lay in the grass away from all the noise of the hunt. It was so peaceful and the stars were so pretty. unfortunately I was laying in some poisonous plants and I had a bad allergic reaction and I got in big trouble for leaving the brats alone, but at least the stars were pretty. I really don't see how it was my fault that the stupid girls wandered around and fell in a stream anyways. I told them to sit down and shut up, so they should have been in trouble for disobeying me.- narcoticsunshine

last time I was drunk. I quit for the societies benefit- Zayla

A long freakin' time ago.- Xifihas


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