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Do you have a secret hobby that you don't want anyone to know about (other than chronic masturbation)?


Yes I'm sadly addicted to facebook - sally

Good Answer Awardi collect stickers. Yes i'm an idiot. Yes it's worst then masturbating. It's just plain stupid.but then again it makes you happy. Especially those that are shiny. THey also piss you off when you love the sticker( the puffy ones especially) and you flip it srounf. only to see that the bloody stickers cost you 10 dollars. Shit. Gotta ask the bank for some cash.- prune me

why cant i use chronic masturbation?- k

I want people to know about my chronic masturbation.- Smiley Jones

No. I'm boring.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardUpon reaching adulthood, I have become painfully aware of the meaninglessness of my pathetic existence. My life is an awful cycle of bill-paying, house-cleaning, and child-rearing. The only hobby that has survived this transition is repeatedly clicking the "Stumble" button. As if that isn't bad enough, the only way to make this even remotely interesting is to smoke a large quantity of marijuana, making it possible for me to read every pointless short story, humorless comic, and ridiculous article about autism, walruses, or spelunking that I come across. If only I had a secret hobby such as licking toads or bathing in raspberry jam... perhaps, then, I could die happy.- bluemonkeyfearer

Err... no.- Bugster

painting Warhammer 40k miniatures- poohole_gasleak

Good Answer Award...masturbation is spelled with a 'u'. This is the first time I've ever been this dissapointed in the lovely folks at TID. I have to re-think my entire life now. - RabidDustbunny

... I always said I'd tell my girlfriend first, but I suppose that's out the window now. *clutches self* I like to kill pretty women and keep their bodies in my walls... After penetrating their bodies in all possible ways with my many shiny objects... I think it is fun. :)-

Good Answer Award: I could be smart and say that if I tell you it won't be a secret but I won't. I will say it loud and proud, I ENJOY PICKING MY NOSE AND YES MY FINGER DOES BELONG THERE, IT FITS QUITE NICELY ACTUALLY!!! But I don't eat it, thats just plain gross :P- If I only had a navel....

I collect mucus that comes out of my nose and bottle it up for later use when I'm old and I have no mucus.- bottled dragons

created a blog about my f-up world- pinky7

Good Answer AwardI collect the souls of celebrities who I find interesting or desirable or whatever. So far I only have Johnny Depp's, but I feel that my collection might be complete with just his. Maybe I'll get Megan Fox's soul, too, but really, that's the end of my list right there. And on a side note, I really don't think masturbation should be so secret. It implies that it is bad, when really it is soo good. Everyone should masturbate! It's great!- narcoticsunshine

Spying on my neighbors and blackmailing them.- The loser nobody gives a fuck

I almost answered before I read the whole thing, besides it's not a secret. Sex with Shemales.- Zayla

No, I'm very open about my hobby of removing people's vocal chords.- Xifihas


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