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What if the world decided we should all wear uniforms every moment of our lives so that people wouldn't waste their lives on picking out clothing, shopping and worrying about 'fashion'?


I am so fine with this if it is a ninja constume.- Without a name

You know....that might not be so bad, because then it would cool to be part of the "underground" fashion in Equilibrium. Sweet. We'd overthrow the govt. eventually anyways. I'm always down for a mutiny against The Man.- the bubble

It would be kind of hard to shower.- Yagrum

Well then we would all be carrying a little red book and speaking Chinese then, wouldn't we? - mybuttsmells

Awesome, just as long as I get to pick to the uniform.- Quel

then we wouldnt be induviduals that would be conforming to the machine- Sally

There would be a gay, slut, rebel, emo, scene, goth, and whatever else sort of style revolution because all those fuck heads would still want to 'spice up' their uniforms. I really wouldn't mind the sults doing that though. So long as they were hot!-

Good Answer AwardI like this in theory but I think it would ultimitely cause the end of the world. The voting process to decide on the uniform would be chaotic in the extreme. Think about it, every annoying fashionista woman and every annoying gay fashion designer would be out for blood, not to mention the billions of other annoying humans that spend all their time obsessing over appearances spontaneously combusting from trying to figure out a ballot paper. Total death and destruction. Ok how do we get this started?- bearded horse without a name

then what would nudists do? theyre already naked, in their birthday suits, wearing their skin sweaters, in the nudeee. if they dont have to wear uniforms than neither do i. ill become... KAPTAIN FIRE CROTCH! (also known as KFC) cos im finger lickn good. - cash4stogies

I'd cry tears of joy as long as the uniform is comfortable.- Duck

Great! It should include a wet sack hanging from the back pocket. Also, it should be made of recycled sandwiches- Dr. Proctoculus

On hot days like this, I would hate it. I'm sorry, but being able to pick our own outfits really comes in handy when it's 35 degrees outside. Plus, everyone would look the same and that would be boring. Come to think of it, when it comes to those who follow trends, they tend to look the same anyway, just wearing different variations of the same outfit. Perhaps such a decision has already been passed and I am simply rebelling by not following the uniformity? BADASS.- McDiablo

Good Answer Awardhaha id like to see them try and make me wear a uniform. im basically nude 24/7. only thing covering me is my shell and lets face it... not many shops sell shells around here so im not too worried about fashion. I believe there is a huge amount of money waiting for the first shop to open that contains a selection of shells to choose from. I can't be the only one wanting a black and red shell can i? pretty sure im not the only squirtle on earth xD that would just be ludicrous- Squirtle

FINALLY!!! That means my girlfriend can stop spending all my damn money.- That stupid nerdy dork that is always hanging around the cool kids.

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