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What if a strange creature that only you could see began following you around and narrating your life?


Good Answer AwardThat would totally rock. He could say shit like, "The Q-tip completely soiled, our heroine reaches for another." That would so rock.- Without a name

I'd ask him to narrate something amazing and exciting cause I know my boring routine life couldn't possibly be enjoyable for either of us.- the bubble

He would learn many synonyms for "masturbating".- Yagrum

Good Answer AwardHow do you people know so much about me? Have you been spying on me ? You better stop that shit. I don't want to talk about any creatures that only I can see or what they're doing following me around I hate that stuff. If I find you hanging around too I'll kick your ass. - mybuttsmells

I'd buy it a laptop and tell it to type everything down because its going to make the worlds best novel.- Quel

I'd try and shoot it or if it didnt die I'd keep poking it to annoy it- Sally

Good Answer AwardJesus fucking Christ. (Yeah, Jesus is fucking himself.) Do you know how ANNOYING that would be?! Even if I was the only one that could see this THING I'd find myself a meat grinder and shove its hand into it and begin anrrating his fucking life. See how much the bastard enjoys his life being narrated.-

I can see some pros and cons to this happening. On the one hand, I might be able to use the instant feedback and objectivity to make better decisions in life but on the other hand, the mysterious creature's flourescent skin may clash with my handbag. I suppose worst case scenario, I can always kill the creature and make a new handbag out of it so there won't be the same problem with the mysterious creature that turns up to replace it.- bearded horse without a name

Good Answer AwardWHAT IF!?!?!? AM I THE ONY ONE?! Cheyne (pronounced Shane. yes i know thats odd but thats how its spelled. he is VERY particular about these things.) has been following around for years! he's increadably annoying, he NEVER stops talking. "shes picking up the phone... dialing... 8... 1... 3..." every move i make! but its okay. atleast im not stuck like my friend jason, he cant see his, but everyone else can. and earl (jordan's ghostie) plays funny tricks on him like sticking his balls is jason's mouth while he is sleeping. its terribly funny to watch. and jason has no idea! MWAHAHAAAAA!- cash4stogies

I'd ask it if it had anything better to do.- Duck

What would it taste like?- Dr. Proctoculus

If it was the BONANA KING (refer to Charlie the Unicorn 2 on YouTube), I might be able to tolerate him for awhile. But, really, one can only take so much singing, so I'd probably dropkick him back to his Commie country (again, refer to Charlie the Unicorn 2). BONANA BONANA BONANA!- McDiablo

What if? I remember back when i was ash ketchum's pokemon... that cunt always telling us where to go at the start of every day. Couldn't get rid of the fucker. If i ever see him... lets just say he is pokemon food... atleast whats left of him. SQUIRTLE POWER!- Squirtle

They do.- Cage

What, you mean higofreglin? I dont like to talk about him since the accident.- That stupid nerdy dork that is always hanging around the cool kids.

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