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When was the last time you went swimming and be honest, did you pee while swimming?


Yesterday. Seriously, do you read my diary?- Without a name

LMAO I swim almost every day and actually NO, I think that's utterably rude and disgusting, foul and revolting, and I totally FREAK when I reach a random warm spot as I'm swimming. I quite literally am the person who yells out "Ew its warm, alright who pissed?!"- the bubble

It was in 1978 and I did.- Yagrum

Last weekend when I had to bail out of my inverted kayak in a class three rapid. I could have drowned but one of my buds towed my ass out of the rapids before I got hung up under a rock or anything. I'm not a real good swimmer so kayaking probably isn't the best idea for me but it's alot of fun. I'll probably die from drowning eventually but "what the hell, you have to have some fun don't you?"- mybuttsmells

I just got out of the pool and I didn't pee because it's my pool and I'm getting back in after this.- Quel

not for ages I hate swimming and I would never pee in the swimming pool- Sally

Good Answer AwardIt was the year Augie March won the hottest 100 and I though I am not a swimming enthusiast I make it my business NOT to pee in the pool no matter how stong the urge. There was an incident when I was a child. It involved six children, a wadding pool, a mysterious poo, and a whodunnit that has never been solved. - bearded horse without a name

everyone goes potty in the swimming pool, ocean, hottub, ect. so of course i would be insane to say that i havent. WELL LET ME TELL YOU! that is disgusting! peeing at all is terribly vile. ive never ever everrr have gone potty. SO HA! - cash4stogies

I can't swim so I don't go.- Duck

Good Answer AwardI pretend to swim in the bathtub, and most of the "water" is a composite of my pee over the last 20 years. I save it just in case...- Dr. Proctoculus

Good Answer AwardI don't like swimming. I'm just as happy floating around on an air mattress. My parents like doing that, too. Well, they did until they floated out to the ropes at a lake and found a condom floating in the water. My mom, at first, thought it was a fish. I have no idea how condom = fish, but whatever--she's silly. But, yes, floating on a body of water usually winds up with having a funny story to tell. Apparently.- McDiablo

As a squirtle i spend most of my time in the water. I do pee in the water yes, it saves me from doing it down my leg when i am on land. It also provides warmth in cold places. I remember the time i swam in the olympics... i beat everyone but apparently im not qualified to participate because im not a human... racists

long time ago, probably in my past lifetime, I think i did pee, seeing water always makes me wanna pee... well not always... but somehow it does.- Cage

Good Answer AwardLast week and, HELL YEAH. Everybody pees in the pool. Everybody always will. Anyone that says they have never peed in the pool and never will are full of shit and you should break off all contact IMMEDIATLY.- That stupid nerdy dork that is always hanging around the cool kids.


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