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What if you found out that EVERYTHING around you is a lie?


I'm actually OK with that, given the general suckish nature of things. Is Taco Bell a lie, though? That's a problem.- Without a name

Good Answer AwardLike The Truman Show? I'd go on a killing spree. I'm totally not cool with people deceiving me like that. O hella no.- the bubble

I wouldn't believe it.- Yagrum

Good Answer AwardI'd start wasting time on the web anwering stupid questions about what a loser I am and how much life sucks because you can't trust anyone because the government is run by thieves and perverts.- mybuttsmells

Wait, it isn't?- Quel

it is- Sally

Good Answer AwardThe story of my life my friend, the story of my life. I can tell you've reached the same elightenment that I have. Congratulations BUT BEWARE. There will always be people that will try to pull the wool back over your eyes. They'll call you long names and fill your pockets with little bottles of evil magic beans. They tell you that you can trust the beans but they're lying. NEVER TRUST THE BEANS.- bearded horse without a name

Good Answer AwardIT ALREADY IS! the air weasles make everything appear "real" but its not! theyre tricksters... everything is opposit, upsidedown, and 4 inches to the left. not to mention that the colors and people are all wrong. but you can only see the real world if you find an air weasle and have it lick your nose. then all shall be revealed!- cash4stogies

I'd probably be happy, the truth couldn't be any worse.- Duck

You mean it isn't?- Dr. Proctoculus

I'd stop telling the truth. What's the point? Whoa, depressing answer. Where's my emo corner? It's so dusty and dirty these days. So underused!- McDiablo

if i found out everything was a lie o.o Thats so unlikely :) i mean cmon... im a squirtle with tons of pokemon as my friends back in kanto... i seriously doubt that its a lie i even used to be leader of the Squirtle Squad. Even though they turned into honorary firefighters, i decided to carry on with a journey with that gay kid and his pikachu. It was boring as fuck so i decided to come live on earth for a while.- Squirtle

I wouldn't be surprise, I am actually suspecting it is....- Cage

Everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie so why would I give a damn?- That stupid nerdy dork that is always hanging around the cool kids.


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