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Do you think kids are stupid?



Good Answer AwardOf couirse they are, but not as stupid as adults. It takes alot of practice to get really stupid.- Pizzatopping

sometimes.most times.Especially since they run around in circles and end up smacking themselves nicely in between the poles or during winter when they get the idea of licking the lamp post.I know this, since i was one of those dumbass kids.- banana-less

Yes.All the time.I want to strangle them. They keep thinking they can satisfy their parents with good grades. DENIAL I TELL YOU.Working hard all for nothing. Everybody should be a drop out like me. think about job equality people. Lives are at stake. - frozen capsicums

I certainly do, only because they were raised by stupid parents.- Linnie

only the dumasses that get hit by my car- boink

Good Answer AwardThey know more than they let on. The selfish little bastards bump their heads just so they can collect candy and toys. What about me? I bumped my head earlier. I want some fucking candy and toys. Fuck kids.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

yes... - forgotten name

Good Answer AwardNo. I mean they do tend to be extremely annoying, but I'm sure that it's on purpose. I've seen those Hanah Montana and the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and whatever other garbage those kids watch. There is no way the kids actually like that shit. No way. It's all an act. But what's the point? To drive all of us insane with their squeeky "OMG look HANAH MONTANA IS ON!!!111oneoneoen" My theory is that YOU are training them The annoying children are your secret minions driving us all the the brink of sanity and sending us here to your site. It's a pretty good plan.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardNot all kids are stupid. I've worked with some young'uns who are still in high school and they are actually very intelligent and mature for their age. I'm more wary of the intelligence of most adults. Wow. I could regail you with stories of the stupid adults I've encountered, but I'd just end up rambling forever. I mean, if you can't even get a debit machine to work (even one with instructions written on it with a red permanent marker) then...well, I worry about you. I really do.- McDiablo

Yes.- Madk


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