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Do you have (or have you ever had) a sleeping disorder?



I have several sleeping disorders; Apnea, insomnia, sleep eating, nightmares, and nocturnal heart arrithmia. - Pizzatopping's embarassing, but i kinda have this fear of someone randomly jumping through my bedroom window and asking me where the toilet is.- banana-less

Good Answer Awardyep.(dunno whether this is related)A second mouth sprouts from my stomach and starts devouring up my blanket.Very inconvenient.Wasted a lot of money.- frozen capsicums

Only when I drank alcohol.- Linnie

Insomnia, I just couldn't get over that scary-ass looking clown that sat at the foot of my bed and stared at me every time I went to bed. My parents never believed me, so they have no excuse for making me turn out so messed up.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardMy other self does. He's in another universe and he doesn't ask me how I am. I don't like him so much but I'd like to play some air hockey with him and see if he's really human.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

no- forgotten name

Good Answer AwardNot that I know of. But what if someone had a sleeping disorder and they didn't know it? Like those fat people who are like "God I have no idea why I'm so fat I've been dieting for months and I work out everyday." and then it turns out that they eat in their sleep and they like deep fry ice cream and then cover it in chocolate all without burning down the house or waking up. Except I think those people are just lying. They like being fat and they need an excuse because they're embarrassed to admit it. Just like people who say they have a thyroid condition. Yeah, sure you do buddy. Sure you do.- narcoticsunshine

I used to share a room with my sister and she would snore a lot. Sometimes, it's like she stopped breathing. I would lie awake for hours just listening to her and hoping she would remember to exhale. I like to think that I am still catching up on the hours of sleep I lost during that period of my life. Or maybe I'm just tired and/or lazy. Maybe.- McDiablo

No- Madk


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