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If you could become any fictional robot, which would you be and why?



That big killer robot from the movie Forbidden Planet.- Pizzatopping

i dunno any.I'm quite sure most people would think transformers are cool but screw that. I'm not cliche. I wanna be a jack in the box.(or is that not robotical enough?)- banana-less

i want to be a robot that...Not really.I don't want to be made of metal and always be afraid of melting.What would become of me when global warming took place?- frozen capsicums

Good Answer AwardThe Lost in Space robot. I'd shock the living daylights out of Dr. Smith.- Linnie

id b bender from future roma ... it would b kick ass 2 rip a fart and make flames shoot out- boink

Good Answer AwardI would be a Terminator, and then I would claim the heart of my worst enemy and take a bite to see if I can still taste. And then I would go mad from the lack of sensation from touching and tasting.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

Good Answer Awardi would be crow from MST3K because i think hes spazzy and cool. - forgotten name

Good Answer AwardI would so totally become Gir from Invader Zim. ... I have just realized how truly sad my life is. After that first sentence I was contemplating which Gir quotes to add to this answer. I know all of them. Every single one. God I do nothing with my life.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardSTARSCREAM. Do I even need to explain? Sure, he's a loser who constantly tries to overthrow Megatron (and fails), but it would be so cool to fly superfast and shoot at people/other robots. Oh yeahhh.- McDiablo

No- Madk


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