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How did you spend your last few minutes of New Years eve - including that one extra second we all got?



Sleeping- Pizzatopping

snogging someone i don't know, and blacked out.woke up in the morning- banana-less

listening to the heartbeat of another....being.- frozen capsicums

I watched the ball drop, I wished my kitties a happy new year, I smoked a bowl and went to bed.- Linnie

Good Answer AwardAt that one last second, time would stop, and Rick Astley would come down and swoop me up in his arms, flying deep into space singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" until our throats would soar. We would fly through the beautiful rainbow nebulas and dance ballet and play chinese checkers with aliens. But then I would find out that I just had a stroke.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI drank from a bottle of white wine that I suspected may have been poisoned by the otter floating outside my window with a strangely evil grin on his face, which surprised me because I didn't think animals could smile, and then he waved and I kept drinking anyway because life is too short and otters won't have power over me. Soon after that I pondered the plight of the platypus and their issues with denying the holy NES until they're attacked by the deadly rainbow hippo with death-dealing shuriken. As I drank, I saw into the folds between the extra second we received and saw nothing but destruction and the foreshadowing of horrors to come. It marked the return of Atari.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

i passed out ... - forgotten name

We got one extra second? Oh yeah thanks to Leap Year right? God how annoying. SO did the count down start at eleven this year instead of ten? Can you tell that I had no interest in ringing in the New Year? I watched a marathon of South Park, fucked and then feel asleep at 11:30. What a wild partier I am.- narcoticsunshine

I went to Vancouver Theatre Sports, which is basically an improv show. They stopped the show to give everyone champagne and a noise maker (I did not take one). Then everyone was counting down the seconds and hooting and hollering...but I did not. Because I was not excited. I never am. I was thinking, 'Okay, can we get this overwith and get back to the show, please?! I want more funny!'- McDiablo

Wishing desperately for sleep- Madk


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