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What if it were new years eve EVERY night and you HAD to get all excited about it,
help count down the seconds every few minutes and sing that horrible new years song?



Then life might be worth living for a change.- Pizzatopping

is there a new year song?I've never heard it. But if every single night was new years, we all get booze and a beer belly from it.Everyone would be looking for a shag and single people would be tearing since they have no one to snog.Counting seconds doesn't sound too bad.i'd get a sexy voice from the sore throat.neat.- banana-less

Good Answer AwardSing, dance and be merry. you don't know when the (do not freak out here.It's just a theory) alcohol in the world will run out. it's like petrol, they keep saying it won't finish,Look what's happening now? ENJOY the drinks while you can.soon we'll all be in hell.- frozen capsicums

I'd smoke a bowl and sing. It's better than having to eat poop every night.- Linnie

id love it insted of being an alcholic ... id just b that guy gettin drunk poopin in your bushes - boink

Survival of the fittest. It is the way of the holy NES.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

i would kill myself. - forgotten name

Good Answer AwardOkay, first off, what is the New Year's Eve song? Am I like seriously missing something here? I've never heard of this song before and I've had my fair share of New Year's. Is this like a secret song that only those who really care about the New Year can learn? Is it like some magical song that makes the singer have a really awesome New Year's? I MUST FIND OUT.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardAre you talking about Auld Lang Syne? Yeah, that'd get old after awhile. I wouldn't be able to conjure enough energy to get excited every evening. I mean, I don't get excited on New Year's as it is, so I'd probably find other ways to amuse myself like cuddle with kittens or light things on fire or--for the billionth time--laugh at an IKEA cookbook entitled "Cooking With Children".- McDiablo

I'd move to China; their New Years is on a different day.- Madk


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