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One night, I saw a strange light in the sky. It seemed to stay fairly stationary for hours, and was giving off light that was cycling through the color spectrum. What the hell do you think it was and how much should I sell the photos for?



damn thats where i left my novelty flying disco ball, sorry dude :P- Monoxboogie

oh shit.i think i've been taking too many hallucinogens again.bloody hell.- rock cookies

Good Answer AwardI think it was probably an all-night rave somewhere up in the foothills of the Canadian shield. If you had a telephoto lense of high enough quality, you could probably get a shot of some two-bit socialite without underwear that'd be worth a few thousand dollars to some tabloid or other.- Mzebonga

It was a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit...don't be fooled like me...and I got dick squat for my photos....fn rat bastads- Poptart

a ufo and sell each photo for ten bucks- cool kid

Okay, same thing happened to me, except I was in my room, laying down, wondering when in the fucking hell the wind would die down and stop trying to be from Siberia, and I was watching this light I had cycle through colours. Except it dies to a fucking brown light at some point. - oxie "fuck the wind" licious

It was a flying sharpie emitting poisonous rays disguised as rays of light.- Ashwinster

Street lights rarely move through the sky. When the lens gets wet on the inside, you may see different colors (especially after a pleasant evening at the bar). If you paste Obama in the pic's, their value will increase.- Jefe

Good Answer AwardI think it was an evil star, plotting against you millions, maybe even billions of years ago. What you saw what it's attempt to make you think you're crazy. Go on, sell those photos and confirm your mental state to the evil star that gave of its life. Ok sure it's dead but it will somehow know and be vindicated.- Spanky the WONDERHORSE

Good Answer AwardWAIT A MINUTE!are you telling me that you don't see it everyday? So basically i'm the only one who's been seeing this? I always thought that it was just the leprechauns on strike at the other end of the rainbow(explains the colors and why the light was always pointed upwardly)I thought this was a common occurrence, i didn't know you could get money out of this! I think i'm gonna step outside to snap some pictures NOW. then i can buy up something totally unimportant just for the sake of it.- frozen capsicums

It was certainly the real shits of girls. We are led to believe that girls shit as men do, but that's a damned lie. Their real shit is transported from a portal inside their assholes to a black hole where the shit is taken to an alternate dimension which exists solely for the reason of gathering it all. This real shit is so radically different from men's that it has regenerative properties and thus gives birth to people, the real ones of which are transported to another alternate dimension while the decoy person is left to die in the landscape of shit. The common man would pay good money for this information; millions of dollars if they had it. But girls will pay nothing because they don't want the truth to get out. Government officials will likely kill you for possessing these photos, as they want to cover it all up. WHY?!!- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

Good Answer AwardDude. I totally saw that too! I was on the phone with my friend and I was like "Oh shit, I see a UFO. I'm gonna have to call you back, I want to take a picture with my phone!" And my friend was like "... Seriously? Are you okay, I'm worried about you." And I hung up on her and was all excited to take the picture, but then I realized it was the Goodyear blimp and I felt really stupid. I didn't call my friend back either, because I knew she'd tease me. Fucking blimp.- narcoticsunshine

I saw that once--it ended up being an ambulance traveling rather slowly up a mountainous part of a highway. Or I'm just nuts. Maybe you're just nuts, too. Let's be nutheads together! WOOOO...yup.- McDiablo

it was just a kick ass start. Burn the photos and lay off the LSD already- IzzI


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