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People like to just toss around the phrase "out of this world".
What is truly out of this world to you and does it involve something shiny?



let me put it this way, dont buy cheese from a guy in a tweed suit, hes just gonna turn into a gnome, kick your cherries and run away giggling, nuff said- Monoxboogie is outta this world. shiny food?....well there are cookies that are shiny and out of this world. so conclusion is that food in general is out of this world. maybe it comes from the planet of oougarenst. (in between ur-anus and gayness)- rock cookies

For me, "out of this world" are those moments where you see people stop to be kind or help other people. People stopping to let kids cross the road on their way to school, somebody entering into a random conversation initiated by an elderly guy who is clearly very lonely or two people from opposing backgrounds and ideologies agreeing that their current course of conflict is not in either of their interests and is harmful to the wider world. I consider all of these to be "out of this world" because there seems to be so much shit going on that the moments when people stop to do things that actively seek to limit that shit feel like they've come from another world entirely.- Mzebonga

Well either it's of this world or it isn't. I don't think I've ever used that phrase....but I do like shiny things- Poptart

idk- cool kid

Good Answer AwardYou know what's out of this world? Jell-O. And yes it can be shiny. But yes, Jell-O because here's the question: is it solid? You may think so, but then again, it feels liquidy. So is it liquid? No, it's a solid. Yeah that makes sense, to someone in some world. - oxie "fuck the wind" licious

Glitter.- Ashwinster

Good Answer AwardSatellite debris. Now that has to suck. Spend a gazillion to launch a satellite and have some Russian space junk T-Bone it.- Jefe

Other people. I just don't get them. Maybe I'm from another planet or just here as a game trying things, but other people are totally out of this world for me. They do have shiny things these people - perhaps that is what makes them so different from me.- Spanky the WONDERHORSE

Good Answer AwardYes.Vending machines. Not only are they shiny. They're magical. It's like an awesome box of goodness that never ends. All you have to do is place a shiny coin inside the shiny machine and then chug-a-chug magic happens.Next thing you know , you find ice cream at the mouth of the shiny box or you could also find a bowl of noodles, perhaps some toy , or maybe some sticker picture sometimes if you are lucky you get two or three of this random but magical items from the magic box.. Vending machines are really REALLY out of this world. It's pure ingenious bloody MAGIC. - frozen capsicums

The world bleeds daggers that stab plastic shit in a bowl on my head. The bowl burst with the pressure of prejudiced gravity while the man next to me explodes and feels a strange sense of pleasure as his bowels drape over my shoulder. As he lay dying, I lick a bit of the juice off the bowel and hope that he doesn't have HIV, while the ground opens and a spirit tells me I'm not the chosen one. Makes sense since nothing about the world seems to have a point anymore, like global warming which is just label for the plan of the Narfexics to eradicate us from the face of this world while the government agrees without hypnotism or bribe. This shows the general cowardice of mankind and for it the members deserve to hang like meatbags from hooks while we become meals. We're not worth it.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

Good Answer AwardYou know what? "Out of this world" is a really stupid phrase that I have never understood. Like "Wow, that hot dog was out of this world!" Really? What exactly does that mean? How is that a good thing? Out of this world is referring to space. I was lead to believe that space is a big vacuum of big hunks of rock and burning balls of gas. So you're classifying a hot dog in with all of that? And that's a good thing? I just don't get it.- narcoticsunshine

Dakota Fanning. There's something off and abnormal about her. She can't be from this planet. No way.- McDiablo


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