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You're told to go hug yourself in the corner. Do you do as you're told, or protest in some totally pointless way?



Good Answer Awardis stabbing someone in the nipples with a frozen carrot protesting?- Monoxboogie


i'd piss the guy right off by refusing to do his ears and ask my dog to bite him.after he leaves, i'll do it anyway,cuz i like hugging me self.i'm huggable.- rock cookies

This is one of those occasions where doing the bidding of another leads you to your own default setting, ie; sitting in the corner, hugging my own knees and rocking back and forth gently. It could be seen as a silent protest of its own in so far as failing to engage with humanity on the whole is sign of an objection to society's manifold failings.- Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardHug? Ummm, if I'm asked to go do something in the corner it sure as fuck wont be hugging myself- Poptart

i protest- cool kid

Well, you kinda have to be hugging yourself in a straitjacket yeah? So I'd have no choice. Straps are tres tight.- oxie "fuck the wind" licious

Do it.- Ashwinster

Good Answer AwardDo as you're told? What are you some kind of dogma swallowing drone? This is a raging tantrum opportunity!- Jefe

Good Answer AwardI go hug myself in the corner, and then FIGHT CLUB it out.- Spanky the WONDERHORSE

I don't see what's wrong with giving yourself a little attention. but not when someone is telling you to give yourself some attention. that's kinda weird cause why in the world would they want to observe someone to go to a corner and touch themselves?it's kinda sick too. If it's some experiment thing that they're trying out, i suggest that they do it themselves. not everyone can be their hamster/rat or whatever. stupid fools. - frozen capsicums

Good Answer AwardCorners are a wonderful place to poo, as long as you bury it. But if it's someone else's house, you shouldn't bother burying it. It's too hard to get to the dirt, after all. You have to tear up a bunch of tiles and shit, and the last guy I did that to has a new family living in his house, and they're not really aware that he still lives there. I'd recommend just pooing on the floor in the corner, but I guess you can smear it in the carpet and finger paint on the walls with it and such, but that's just messy and nasty. Just throw a pet in it and let them do it for you. Or poo and then puke on that pile of shit. This is especially good for expressing your displeasure with hospitality at Econo Lodge. Not that they'd care anyway. Continental breakfast my ass. It's a fucking stale English muffin.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

This happens to me all the time. I don't protest, I just go. It's kinda hard to protest when the straight jacket is making me hug myself. What am I going to do, refuse to hug myself? ... But I already am. I guess I could refuse to go to the corner, but really, I like hugging myself. - narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardIt just so happens that I have been prepared for this moment. I do, in fact, have my very own "emo corner" where I go to, yes, have an emo moment. I might cry. I might rock back and forth like some kind of crazy person. But, I only go to my emo corner by my own free will. If someone TOLD me to go there, well, I would have to protest by tapdancing on a unicorn whilst singing "Hakuna Matata" (in both Timon AND Pumbaa's voices).- McDiablo

Do as i'm told. I need a good hug every now and then- IzzI


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