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What if you could kick any celebrity in the groin (and they couldn't retailate in any way) - who would it be and why?



spencer, god what a fucking douchebag, id kick him so hard heidi could go skeet shooting with his balls and they fly out of his ass- Monoxboogie

Good Answer AwardI would kick Paris Hilton because she needs it>- TTWHALLAWHALLA

tom cruise or daniel craig. the reason- they are short so if i were to kick them in the groin, my knee would probably jab their groins right off. muahaha.damn you short people. - rock cookies

Good Answer AwardOh man, my brain oggles at the thought. It'd have to be someone that truly evokes a sense of loathing in my mind. Someone who, without a doubt, is a poster-boy (or girl, I suppose) for absolute shitness and crap. When I really think about it, the most likely choice seems to be Paris Hilton. The problem with that is that I'm likely to come off worst if I were to kick her in the groin: god knows what STDs my foot would pick up.- Mzebonga

Michael Jackson...for molesting little boys...enuff said- Poptart

i would kick zac efron because its just zac efron- cool kid

Yeah I'm not about to do that. They may not retaliate but their fans would. Hell no!- oxie "fuck the wind" licious

Jessica Simpson- Ashwinster

Ed Asner (sorry Ed). He was a bastard to Mary.- Jefe

Good Answer AwardAll of them. I don't think I can come up with just one. I'd just keep kicking them all until they do retaliate, and to be honest, I'm willing to take a few kicks just to give some out. I believe in the cause THAT much.- Spanky the WONDERHORSE

Good Answer Awardi would love to kick almost any celebrity in their in male, female or even she-male. They think that they are all that. BULLSHIT. take that idiot of a heiress paris hilton , thinking she is the icon of todays' world. PAH. what she deserves is (as you have granted me a free-kick-in-the-groin pass)a hard ass shove/ kick at her groin although it wouldn't hurt as much cause she isn't a guy but hopefully after the hard kick she gets a bruise.After that she'll go to the doctor to check if her privates still function but the test results will say that she has a STD and she shall be exiled for life.(or has this already happened?)- frozen capsicums

I would kick the unborn child of Ian McKellan in the groin. Don't tell me it'll never happen. I see through the old man's ruse.- The Reverend Cornelius Spunkwater

Johnny Depp, so that I could kiss it better afterwards. Oh he'd forgive me, alright.- narcoticsunshine

Good Answer AwardWow, I thought the answer would come swiftly, but I took a whole 2.3 seconds to come up with an answer. I'm afraid I have to go with the uncreative answer of Chris Brown. I mean, I already thought he was a douchebag, but the thought of him beating the shit out of a lay-day just ups his douchebaggery status a hell of a lot. Dumbass.- McDiablo


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