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SO, it seems that somehow I lost the questions to the questionnaire, but had the answers. So I gave a rough guess as to what each question was so I could post the answers. Shit happens when you're not all data-driven and slick like that. Shut up. - JCP

When did you suddenly realize there was no santa and everyone was just tricking you into being good?


No one tricked me into being good because of it and I found out around the age of 10-Bored out of my everloving mind

I never had that lightning bolt moment. It was more a gradual realisation that the world was filled with fraudulent claims of altruism and charity that is continuing today.-Mzebonga

The year I saw my dad eating Santa's cookies..I was 6. -_--TheBubble

WHAT?????-Big Daddy

Good Answer AwardOhh! Haha, I see, just more of your witty sarcasm, right JCP? Very funny! This question is good, here I'll play along! Yeaaaah, I found out Santa "wasn't real" just recently. I haven't stopped crying since, and I haven't eaten or slept or anything. Good thing there really is a Santa... right? ._.-Me

The two presuppositions (the belief in Santa and the impetus to behave well), are not necessarily connected.-bastard cabbage

ylang - ylang body soufle'.-stank stick

Hmmmmm probably age like 7 or 8, yes of course parents want to trick you into being good.-Sally


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