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SO, it seems that somehow I lost the questions to the questionnaire, but had the answers. So I gave a rough guess as to what each question was so I could post the answers. Shit happens when you're not all data-driven and slick like that. Shut up. - JCP

Would you like JCP to send you an xmas card?



No thanks-Bored out of my everloving mind

Good Answer AwardNo. Whenever you mail me shit I conspicuously get a load of shit that serves no purpose.-Mzebonga

Sure! I love x-mas. There's an invisible mailbox in the alley my box is located.-TheBubble

Nah. I'm anti-.-Big Daddy

Good Answer AwardYES! Blood? -Me

Will there be money in it?-bastard cabbage

Nate Dawg pulled the desk down on my swole foot.-stank stick

No because most people chuck their cards away anyways.-Sally

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