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SO, it seems that somehow I lost the questions to the questionnaire, but had the answers. So I gave a rough guess as to what each question was so I could post the answers. Shit happens when you're not all data-driven and slick like that. Shut up. - JCP

What if humans hibernated during the winter (a good 4 months or so each year)?



I WOULD TOTALLY AGREE!!! I would so hibernate-Bored out of my everloving mind

Four months of the year in bed? Wouldn't the women-folk all emerge four months pregnant? It would be horrible.-Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardLife would be so much nicer. I wouldn't have to worry about all the shit that comes with winter like getting dark in the middle of the afternoon and being cold all the time. I would just look forward to a nice long nap and sunny skies when I wake up.- Lonely NoName

I would love winter, mmm, sleep. We'd have to grow fur though and fatten ourselves up--O wait, we already do, why don't we hibernate?-TheBubble

What if? You mean I shouldn't be sleeping 20 hours a day? -Big Daddy

I think there would be a few guys who didn't hibernate, and they'd spend months going around and quietly raping sleeping people, and drawing penises on their faces with sharpies.-Me

We don't? Dayum. Now what am I going to blame my constant sleep on?-bastard cabbage

That's a darn shame.-stank stick

That would be totally cool, no work, no having to get up for work when its cold, you can stay in bed when you know its cold and know you dont have to get up and be cold, you dont have to see anyone, you could have sex all winter long LOL If that makes sense??-Sally


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