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SO, it seems that somehow I lost the questions to the questionnaire, but had the answers. So I gave a rough guess as to what each question was so I could post the answers. Shit happens when you're not all data-driven and slick like that. Shut up. - JCP

When was the last time you shook someones hand and why?



It was a teachers and because he was shaking everyones hand!-Bored out of my everloving mind

I usually have to do those appalling meet and greet things for work. You have to show mutual deference and respect despite the fact that you know the other person thinks you're a complete asshat and you likely feel the same way about them.-Mzebonga

Good Answer AwardI shook this lady's hand after she showed me an apartment. I didn't want to though. I hated her piece of shit apartment. I shook the hand entirely out of obligation. I regret it to this day.- Lonely NoName

I shook my bf's sister's hand, and got seriously clowned on for doing so. I guess no one shakes hands anymore these days. Wha? Scared of germs?-TheBubble

Good Answer AwardThis morning I shook my Siamese twins' hand. It seemed like the thing to do after we fought.-Big Daddy

Good Answer AwardWhile training at my new job, one of my (extremely cute) coworkers came and introduced herself. She said, "Hi, my name's Ashley." and offered her hand out to me. Without realizing how much of a jackass I looked like, I shook her hand with an enormous smile on my face and replied, "HI!"... and sat there smiling silently for a good 4-5 seconds, before she turned around and walked away. She probably thinks I'm some kind of socially awkward weirdo... and she might be right.-Me

This morning. I did it because I had just wiped my butt and the toilet paper sort of got off to the side and I got a little poo on the side of my pinky and I wanted to share it without them knowing.-bastard cabbage

My organic seed cavity.-stank stick

Today, because they put their hand out so I shook it.-Sally


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