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SO, it seems that somehow I lost the questions to the questionnaire, but had the answers. So I gave a rough guess as to what each question was so I could post the answers. Shit happens when you're not all data-driven and slick like that. Shut up. - JCP

I have NO idea what this question was, but damn, it seemed like a good one. RIP good question.
Seems to be something about being naughty or nice, and that includes thoughts.'t say I've done naughty things but thought them? HELL YEAH!! F-Bored out of my everloving mind

Good Answer AwardI would want to know who gave Santa the power to make those sorts of decisions! Was it a democratic process? Is he elected in his capacity as Santa? If not, I would propose that we overthrow his autocratic regime and replace it with an ineffective bicameral model that most of the developed world possesses. This would pave the way for Christmas to be fully privatised and for McDonalds, Coca Cola and the Disney Corporation to whore it out to the point where people just can't be bothered with it anymore. Then I can use the time off work for something more productive.-Mzebonga

I'd be happy cause I'd have a whole lot of coal stocked up for bbq's in the summer!-TheBubble

This is why I live the pure life.-Big Daddy

Good Answer AwardHaha, more of that sarcasm! Soooo funnnnyyyy! Santa knows I've tried really hard to be a good kid this year, and I know for sure he wont forget to bring me a Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher and Invisible Jet Pack this year! I've sent him at least 20 letters to remind him of what's going to happen if he does. *narrows eyes*-Me

He would kill me in my sleep, which he may do anyway.-bastard cabbage

I'm only rated PG 13, and I'm now playing.-stank stick

Punish probably -Sally

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