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What if trees decided to take over the planet and start clear-cutting humanity?


I'd start up some sort of 'save the humans' group and then take all the money, build a spaceship and blast the hell out of here. - Politely Dangerous

that'd fix global warming and overpopulation, not to mention AIDS and world hunger...-CaptMerengie

Good Answer AwardI'd become a hippie tree-hugger and take their side. Everything would be going well, until I pull out my guitar to play a nature song, and one of the trees recognizes the wood from their long-lost lover. Wood crafting is like brutal, butcher-y, murder to trees.-Me

HOLY SHIT! I'd be prepared up the ass. I always knew that this would happen. Flamethrowers galore for me. Oh, and a following of

We deserve it- Face without a name


HAHA! They deserve their revenge. Take me first.-InfernoSlam

Find a dark place to hide. With a flamethrower. And some slow, fat people to be the first to die if they find us. I'll keep them in cages.-Arthur, King of the Britons

It will be time to get the Rodots back out!!!-Slick Willy


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