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Do you think TheInsaneDomain should grow up, get married and think about having a kid or two?


Fuck no. That'd be too scary to comprehend. - Politely Dangerous


Good Answer AwardIt's about damn time if you ask me, but sadly I don't think there's another website out there that TID could sustain a healthy marriage with. All the search engines are just fancy, stuck-up, know-it-alls, MySpace and eHarmony are too young and slutty. Then you've got news like cnet and MSN which are too dull and normal, Twitter talks about stupid shit constantly, Xanga and all the blogs are too whiny and annoying. You know, I really don't think there's a perfect match out there for you TID, but we all love you!-Me

Good Answer AwardAnd break up with us? How could you?! ... Of course, if we still keep some of this action on the side, that's okay. *winks suggestively*

NO- Face without a name


I think TheInsaneDomain should do whatever makes it happy, but continue making our lives more humorous in the process.-InfernoSlam

HELL, NO! Can you imagine how retarded the kids would be?-Arthur, King of the Britons

Why F-up your life when its going so good!!!!-Slick Willy


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